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[Letter from R. T. P. Allen to J. D. and D. C. Giddings - October 20, 1871]

Description: Letter from R. T. P. Allen to J. D. and D. C. Giddings. Colonel Allen writes that he needs to collect some notes on behalf of Helen L. Carmer from the Giddings brothers, who received the notes from the late Allen Lewis. Mrs. Carmer also would like the brothers to take up the matter of a claim on the Female College Boarding House in Chappell Hill between $2,000-$3,000.
Date: October 20, 1871
Creator: Allen, R. T. P.
Partner: Southwestern University

[Letter from John Atkinson to J. D. and D. C. Giddings - January 18, 1872]

Description: Letter from John Atkinson to J. D. and D. C. Giddings. Atkinson asks the Giddings brothers to meet with a Mr. Breedlove to settle the amount owed on the Crockett Estate. He and his partner are in danger of losing some land if Mr. Chadwick issues a judgment and execution.
Date: January 18, 1872
Creator: Atkinson, John
Partner: Southwestern University

[Request for cotton]

Description: Letter from Thomas Atwood to William Reed requesting cotton.
Date: May 16, 1862
Creator: Atwood, Thomas
Partner: Southwestern University

[Letter from Horace Bishop to J. D. Giddings - November 2, 1877]

Description: Letter from Horace Bishop to Hon. J. D. Giddings. Discusses what should be done with two tracts of land in order to raise money to make improvements to Southwestern University.
Date: November 2, 1877
Creator: Bishop, Horace
Partner: Southwestern University

[Letter from SH Burnam to Lizzie Johnson, dated January 22 1862]

Description: Letter from SH Burnam to Lizzie Johnson discussing news from the front, including the state of the Union Army and fortifications near Washington, DC. Burnam was a soldier in the 4th Texas Regiment of the Confederate Army of the Potomac.
Date: January 22, 1862
Creator: Burnam, S. H.
Partner: Southwestern University

[Letter from P. E. Carnes to J. D. Giddings - February 26, 1872]

Description: Letter from P. E. Carnes to Mr. Giddings. Carnes explains that he is returning a deed to Giddings because he has failed to make any progress in making arrangements for the property. There is a homestead with considerable land for cultivation, but it cannot be sold until its heirs come of age. Carnes is concerned at the possibility that F. A. Mood may leave Soule University. He knows of people who would leave the college along with Mood, and he feels that this would be very detrimental to the school. In the postscript, Carnes requests the order of a kitchen implement.
Date: February 26, 1872
Creator: Carnes, P. E.
Partner: Southwestern University

[Letter from William Chappell to J. D. Giddings - November 2, 1872]

Description: Letter from William Chappell to J. D. Giddings. Chappell begins by stating that he has seen a copy of the order that the Soule University Board of Trustees gave to the Building Committee to hypothecate all of the estate real and personal in order to secure a loan to build a "stone edifice." However, the committee failed to include the Rock Building and donated lands in the hypothecation, and this failure is not the fault of the Board of Trustees because it was explicit in its instructions to include all estate real and personal. Discussing a different matter, he explains how William Keesee with a black man purchased D. Ayrs' land, which had been given to him by his father in Alabama in 1837 or 1838. The deed to Mr. Ayrs' land was not made until after Keesee's death. Ayrs knew that the land had been donated, but Chappell does not know whether he deeded it to the university or his heirs.
Date: November 2, 1872
Creator: Chappell, William
Partner: Southwestern University

[Letter from D. S. Chesshir to J. D. Giddings - November 26, 1877]

Description: Letter from D. S. Chesshir to Hon. J. D. Giddings. The author expresses his concern that a Mr. Davis has not made his payment and hopes that J. D. Giddings can sort it out before D. S. Chesshir comes to visit Brenham. Mentions surveying land donated to [Southwestern] University.
Date: November 26, 1877
Creator: Chesshir, D. S.
Partner: Southwestern University

[Letter from John Childer to J. D. Giddings - September 11, 1877]

Description: Letter from John Childer to Hon. J.D. Giddings. Contains details about plans to raise the money to create a law department at Soule University and seeks the advice of J.D. Giddings.
Date: September 11, 1877
Creator: Childer, John
Partner: Southwestern University

[Letter from H. Chilton to Heber Stone - December 31, 1897]

Description: Letter written by H. Chilton to Hon. Heber Stone. Chilton expresses his thanks and describes what he liked about the address Stone gave at Southwestern University.
Date: December 31, 1897
Creator: Chilton, Horace
Partner: Southwestern University

[Letter from W. G. Connor to J. D. Giddings - April 24, 1871]

Description: Letter from W. G. Connor to J. D. Giddings. Connor explains that he has sent Bro. Mood with twelve dollars to give to Giddings, and since he has another subscriber, Connor asks Giddings to pay him back fifteen dollars for a three dollar credit. Connor also says that Giddings needs to pay Dr. F.O. Dannelly of Waxahachie five dollars for paying Giddings' subscription to the Southern Quarterly.
Date: April 24, 1871
Creator: Connor, W. G.
Partner: Southwestern University