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[Firefighters Hosing Down Burning Tires]

Description: Wide-shot photograph of four firefighters in firefighting suits, hosing down burning tires on the left. Two of the firefighters hold one hose while the other two hold another hose, pointed at a spot farther away. A large tree stands just beyond the farthest firefighters, and there are more trees barely visible in the background. There are a few stacks of tires obscuring the closest firefighters and much of the background on the left is obscured by smoke. On the back of the photograph are a label and two stamps giving information about the photo, including the photographer and date.
Date: January 20, 1960
Creator: Flynn, Johnny
Partner: Dallas Firefighters Museum

[Postcard to Mayme Collins from Geo Greaves, October 20, 1907]

Description: Postcard from Geo. Greaves to Mayme Collins in Waco, Texas with an illustration of six women dressed in cloaks and bonnets huddle closely together, one is waving her finger in the air. Below the picture is a caption that says: "Much ado about nothing" followed by a note from Greaves that reads: "Don't you think so? Haven't got that postal yet that you said you'd send me. Better get busy."
Date: October 20, 1907
Creator: Greaves, George
Partner: Private Collection of Margay Welch