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[Letter from the Trans-State Oil Company to R. B. McMillen, January 23, 1935]

Description: Letter from Claude Kavanaugh, of the Trans-State Oil Company, to R. B. McMillen concerning the value of Big Indian properties being highly valuable and "are going to be mad more valuable." This letter is in response to the huge amount of mail received by the unite holders from his original general letter. Also included is a flash announcement which, at the end, asks the unit holders to "sign and send in the enclosed proxy so that we may represent you...to defeat the present sale of the property."
Date: January 23, 1935
Creator: Kavanaugh, Claude
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.

[Letter from Edouard Potjes to His Friends, May 23, 1927]

Description: Letter from Edouard Potjes to his dear friends discussing accepting a position in Chicago and his desire to return to Dallas. The letter has an illustration of the Hotel Sorrento in Seattle, Washington at the top.
Date: March 23, 1927
Creator: Potjes, Edouard
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.

[Letter from Grmia Potjes to Mr. and Mrs. Turney, September 23, 1923]

Description: Letter from Grmia Potjes to Mr. and Mrs. Turney discussing a bad experience her husband had with a school, the weather in Dallas, Texas vs. Seattle, Washington, and how much she and her husband dislike Seattle.
Date: September 23, 1923
Creator: Potjes, Grmia
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.