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Primary view of [Clipping: WASPs Win 33 Year Battle For Vet Status]
Arnold, William Bruce
November 10, 1977
Primary view of [Clipping: "'Forgotten Women' of Two World Wars Renewing Battle for Benefits"]
Baulch, Jerry T.
May 23, 1977
Primary view of [Clipping: "Woman Recalls World War II Pilot Days"]
Borden, Robert C.
April 6, 1975
Primary view of [Clipping: Generals Visit Avenger]
Bowles, Mary A.
May 11, 1943
Primary view of [Clipping: "Bicentennial Planned"]
Boyd, Alice
May 1, 1975
Primary view of [Clipping: Unveiling Set Here Monday for "Fifinella"]
Boyd, Alice
June 13, 1976
Primary view of [Clipping photocopy: Sweetwater Club Recent Activity]
Chamberlain, L. F. & Mathews, Roy
Primary view of [Clipping photocopies: The Origin of the WASPs]
Chun, Victor K.
unknown creation date
Primary view of [Clipping: Fireman Likes To Recall Training of Women Fliers]
Cox, Mike
unknown creation date
Primary view of [Clipping: Life with the Women's Airforce Service Pilots]
Crowley, Sarah E.
May 29, 1986
Primary view of [Clipping: WASPs Fight for Veterans' Status]
Deckbar, Margaret
May 22, 1977
Primary view of [Clipping: WASP emblem Fifinella]
Disney, Walt
unknown creation date
Primary view of [Clipping: Female WWII pilots have reunion]
Emison, Celinda
Primary view of [Clipping: Money Didn't Bring WASPs]
Francis, Otis
unknown creation date
Primary view of [Clipping: WASP project receives large donations by local attorneys]
Francis, Otis
June 28, 1992
Primary view of [Clipping: "Grandmother of Aviation"]
Funk, Virginia
Primary view of [Clipping: "WASPs Pick Spa for 34th Reunion"]
Gassaway, Melinda
October 17, 1976
Primary view of [Clipping: Letter to the Dallas News from Marie Genaro]
Genaro, Marie
unknown creation date
Primary view of [Clipping: Help, at Last]
Grehl, Michael
October 22, 1977
Primary view of [Clipping: "Zoot Suits, Parachutes, and Wings of Silver, Too"]
Henderson, Sheila
September 1987
Primary view of [Clipping: Women Fliers Training by Hundreds at Texas Field for Army Ferrying Service]
Hicks, Robert E.
April 28, 1943
Primary view of [Clipping: Tax debate shifts to senate]
Holmes, Michael
September 29, 1986
Primary view of [Clipping: Cleland's Letter Lacks Facts of Record]
Hughes, Patricia Collins
June 30, 1977
Primary view of [Clipping: Cornelia Fort, WASP, [1919-1949] Remembers]
Hughes, Patricia Collins
December 1977
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