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Primary view of [Clipping: Allocation of AIDS funds assailed]
Belli, Anne
June 20, 1991
Primary view of [Clipping: More than drinks are mixed at some nightclubs]
Bishop, Nancy
July 20, 1979
Primary view of [Newspaper Clipping: 13 Texas women picked for Hall of Fame]
Daily News
August 20, 1986
Primary view of [Newspaper Clipping: Appeal by Oswald's widow will be studied by court]
Dallas (Tex.). Police Department.
November 20, 1972
Primary view of [Newspaper Clipping: Panel to seek funding for JFK film analysis]
Dallas (Tex.). Police Department.
December 20, 1978
Primary view of [Newspaper Clipping: Committee of judges to devise random system for filing cases]
Dallas Times Herald
August 20, 1980
Primary view of [Newspaper Clippings about Candy Barr]
Dallas Times Herald
Primary view of [Denton Record-Chronicle, October 20, 1992]
Denton Record-Chronicle
October 20, 1992
Primary view of [Clipping: AIDS Quilt: This cloth has much to teach us]
Fairchild, Elizabeth
November 20, 1994
Primary view of [Clipping: Gay-rights foes hail measure's success]
Green, Richard
May 20, 1993
Primary view of [Clipping: Queer notes]
Hobbs, Ellen
October 20, 1994
Primary view of [Clipping: Council boosts funds for arts, AIDS, libraries]
Housewright, Ed
September 20, 1988
Primary view of [Clipping: AIDS survey gets little mention at meal with CDC doctor]
Jacobson, Sherry
September 20, 1989
Primary view of [Clipping: Legislators to redraft omnibus AIDS bill after House vote is delayed]
Jacobson, Sherry
May 20, 1989
Primary view of [Clipping: Parkland told to serve poor AIDS patients]
Jacobson, Sherry
May 20, 1988
Primary view of [Clipping: Public support sought for county AIDS tests: Advisory panel remains split on survey]
Jacobson, Sherry
June 20, 1989
Primary view of [Clipping: Old Man River]
Langer, Andy
April 20, 2001
Primary view of [Clipping: Common sense]
Lucca, Kathy
October 20, 1989
Primary view of [Clipping: Kidnap Suspect Freed After Lie Test]
Makeig, John
February 20, 1974
Primary view of [Clipping: Gergen to speak at luncheon]
Miller, Robert
February 20, 2007
Primary view of [Clipping: AIDS funding disputed]
Mullen, Kris
June 20, 1991
Primary view of [Clipping: Callous attitude]
Nelson, Dick
May 20, 1989
Primary view of Government leaders coming here for Garza reception
Perez, Noe
November 20, 1963
Primary view of [Clipping: 3 cities finish picking their leaders today]
Reeks, Anne
April 20, 1985
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