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[Diary of G. L. MacMurphy]

Description: Diary of G. L. MacMurphy of Galveston, Texas, describing events of the Civil War from his perspective as a soldier. Parts of the diary were written in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Date: 1862/1863
Creator: MacMurphy, G. L.
Partner: Pearce Museum at Navarro College

[Letter from J. L. Halbert to Fanny Halbert - June 17, 1862]

Description: Letter from Captain J. L. Halbert to his wife, Fanny Halbert, dated July 29, 1862, sent from Camp Daniel near Tyler, Texas. The letter describes the landscape of Camp Daniel, including a spring nearby, and gives some rumors regarding the happenings of the war (Civil War). Included with the original letter is a typed transcript.
Date: July 29, 1862
Creator: Halbert, J. L.
Partner: Pearce Museum at Navarro College