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[Maps from Mitchell's School and Family Geography]

Description: This series of maps are printed on a single sheet with Maps No. 12 (Texas) and No. 14 (Michigan & Wisconsin) on one side and Map No. 13 (Chief Part of the Western States) on the other. All of the maps include major cities, roads, and geographic levels (relief shown with hachures) and have the counties of each state drawn in and labeled. On the map of Texas, there are two insets: in the upper left corner, "Northern Texas on the same scale as the larger Map" and in the lower left corner, "Map … more
Date: 1858
Creator: Young, J. H. (James Hamilton)
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

Map of the great Air Line route : Ohio & Mississippi Railway and connections.

Description: Map shows major cities and towns, military posts, state and territory boundaries, and railroad companies and existing and proposed rail routes across eastern half of the continental United States; Dakota and Indian Territories. Relief shown by hachures. Scale not given.
Date: 1878
Creator: Ohio and Mississippi Railway Company (1867-1893)
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

[Land Deed to the Church of Christ in Murphy, Texas]

Description: Land deed from James T. Murphy and Emma Murphy to R. A. Sale and Han Murphy for the "consideration of twenty dollars." The purchasers are elders "of the Church of Christ at Decator, Collin County," and the next paragraphs detail the perimeters of the land and the purposes of the land, that being "used for Church purposes."
Date: May 20, 1886
Creator: Taylor, Mrs. Frank H.
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.

[Publisher's Circular with Written Notes]

Description: Circular produced by Garretson, Cox & Co., Publishers regarding Alden's Manifold Cyclopedia. The publishers announce that after July 1, 1893, subscribers of this publication should send their orders to them rather than Mr. Alden. An unknown person has written a note on the back discussing his appreciation of the Manifold Cyclopedia.
Date: 1893~
Creator: Garretson, Cox & Co., Publishers
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections


Description: Patent for a machine that drives posts and "can be placed on the running gear of a vehicle in such a manner that it can be readily adjusted to operate on posts at either side of the longitudinal axis of the vehicle" (lines 14-18). It can be easily adjusted and is simply constructed.
Date: April 18, 1893
Creator: Harris, Stephen G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Electric Meter.

Description: Patent for a simple and inexpensive electric meter that measures and records "the time during which an electric translating device, such as a motor or light, is connected with the source of supply, such as a dynamo-electric machine, located at a central station" (lines 11-15). Anyone can understand how it works, and it is more accurate than other meters.
Date: January 7, 1896
Creator: McGrath, William H. & Oram, John M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[Sutherlin Family Genealogy Charts]

Description: Genealogy charts for members of the Sutherlin family, including Edgar Brown Sutherlin, Ruby Maurine Sutherlin McElroy, Clyda Waneta Sutherlin Bowman, James Edgar Sutherlin, James Franklin Sutherlin, Clyda N. Sutherlin, and John Harvey Sutherlin. The charts include information concerning births, military service, marriages, and deaths.
Date: 1900~
Partner: Private Collection of the Sutherlin Family

[Postcard from Dewitt Hunt to Birdie Walters, June 26, 1907]

Description: Postcard from Dewitt Hunt to Birdie Walters with a red heart glued to the front and "Heart of Valparaiso Ind." written in its center; on the inside of the heart is a small picture of a building a a note reading: "why not write to me?" The card also features three photographs of different locations around Valparaiso, Indiana; also included is a long photo strip with various buildings, streets, geographical features, etc. in and around the town.
Date: June 26, 1907
Partner: Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead

[Postcard from Dewitt Hunt to Birdie Walters]

Description: Postcard from Dewitt Hunt to Birdie Walters with an illustration on the back of two fairies unraveling a scroll with "Board-Bill" written at the bottom; the quote on the left side reads: "Love is the insane desire on the part of a chump to pay a woman's board-bill for life, so beware."
Date: March 2, 1908
Partner: Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead

[Postcard from J. D. Smith to George Pendexter, June 1909]

Description: Postcard from J. D. Smith to George Pendexter regarding Smith's sending of more fire departments. The photograph on the back of the card shows the fire department in Gary, Indiana; the main focal point of the picture is the automobile in the center which has a large bell attached to its front. There are eight men standing or sitting in this car, and a few more men standing in the distance on either side of the truck.
Date: June 1909
Creator: Smith, J. D.
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Postcard Addressed to George Pendexter, June 24, 1909]

Description: Postcard with a photograph of the Goshen Fire Department in Goshen, Indiana posing for a picture outside the residence of W. J. Latta. There are three separate horse-drawn fire wagons in this picture, on the far right is the solo passenger wagon, the wagon with the large water hose is in the center, and the wagon carrying the ladders is on the far left; all together there are five firemen in the picture.
Date: June 24, 1909
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Postcard with a Photo of the Goshen, Indiana Fire Department]

Description: Postcard with an image of the fire department in Goshen, Indiana. The note on the back from the sender says he does not know if he already sent Pendexter this photo or not. The photograph shows the three horse-drawn vehicles used by the Goshen Fire Department, the one in the center is the primary one, while the one on the left is a small passenger wagon.
Date: August 15, 1909
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Postcard from F. A. Bruce to George Pendexter, February 5, 1912]

Description: Postcard from F. A. Bruce to George Pendexter with a photograph of a large building on fire in Fort Wayne, Indiana; there is one fire truck in the photograph with hoses attached to it and other streams of water shooting at the flaming building. The note on the back of the card reads: "Let me know what views you have of Battle Creek so I will know what to send this one is of Fort Wayne Ind. 11 people burned up."
Date: February 5, 1912
Creator: Bruce, F. A.
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Postcard from W. B. Johnston to George Pendexter, July 16, 1912]

Description: Postcard from W. B. Johnston to George Pendexter telling him of a recent fire they had "the 11th and one Sunday morning at 3 a.m." The photograph shows a devastated building with a caption that reads: "Great Fendrich Fire Ruins Main St. Looking West from 2nd St. Evansville, Indiana." The building in the center is almost completely destroyed while the one to its left has most of its walls still standing though its roof is gone.
Date: July 16, 1912
Creator: Johnston, W. B.
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas
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