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[Letter from Maurine to Barbara Jordan, October 29, 1992]

Description: Letter from Maurine to Barbara Jordan thanking her for coming to St. Louis and saying that everyone was inspired by her message. She mentions that there are enclosed photos taken during Jordan's time there.
Date: October 29, 1992
Partner: Texas Southern University

[Congratulatory Letter to KMJQ Radio Station]

Description: Congratulatory letter to KMJQ radio station on their first anniversary. The rest of the letter praises Moses Leroy for all that he does: "Moses is a man who when he sees wrong does whatever is necessary...to make it right."
Date: 1978?
Partner: Texas Southern University

[Letter from Eric Roper to Barbara Jordan, October 13, 1976

Description: Letter from Eric Roper to Barbara Jordan confirming a speech at Rochedale Village. The letter describes the audience, including members of the local and federal government.
Date: October 13, 1976
Creator: Roper, Eric R.
Partner: Texas Southern University

[Letter from Dick Swanson to Barbara Jordan, August 22, 1974]

Description: Letter from Dick Swanson to Barbara Jordan, apologizing for not getting her "in there to offset the republicans" but is including pictures from an event. According to the letter the pictures cannot be used for commercial or campaign purposes.
Date: August 22, 1974
Creator: Swanson, Dick
Partner: Texas Southern University

[Memorandum from Bud to Barbara Jordan, September 24, 1973]

Description: Memo from Bud to Barbara Jordan explaining that he purchased "3 each of 3 selections" from the photos taken by Chester Higgins, plus copyright permission. He mentions in the second paragraph that they "should get written access...before we allow professional photographers to take your picture. The handwritten note at the bottom says that Congresswoman Jordan has accepted the policy detailed in the second paragraph.
Date: September 24, 1973
Partner: Texas Southern University

[Letter from Robert S. Stauss to Barbara Jordan, May 25, 1973]

Description: Letter sent from Chairman Robert S. Strauss to the Honorable Barbara Jordan saying that he thinks Jordan will enjoy "having the enclosed." There is a handwritten note in the upper left corner that reads: "Send thank for picture, show this to Doug."
Date: May 25, 1973
Creator: Stauss, Robert S.
Partner: Texas Southern University

[Letter from Clarence Calloway to Barbara Jordan, September 6]

Description: Letter from Clarence Calloway to Congresswoman Barbara Jordan asking her to come to the new King State Bank, as it is in her district, in order to "cut the ribbon on September 5th or 12th - Friday morning." Calloway explains the importance of the bank in that it is the first to have a "black, qualified president."
Date: 197u-09-06
Creator: Calloway, Clarence
Partner: Texas Southern University

[Letter from Mrs. Sidney Vise to Barbara Jordan, June 29, 1968]

Description: Correspondence between Mrs. Sidney Vise and Barbara Jordan. Vise thanks Jordan for agreeing to speak at a City of Hope luncheon. Vise includes a program that describes the history and work of the City of Hope organization. A letter from Jordan confirms her agreement to speak.
Date: June 29, 1968
Creator: Vise, Mrs. Sidney
Partner: Texas Southern University