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[Letter from Harris Leon Kempner to Mr. and Mrs. Andre Carrette, July 30, 1963]

Description: Letter from Harris Leon Kempner to Mr. and Mrs. Andre Carrette as Mrs. Kempner asked Harris to drop a note to show how pleased they're to have Francois. He mentions that Francois and Shrub left to tour Washington, New York, and Boston so that he can realize there's more to the Unites States than just Texas. Harris mentions that they're please to see him before he leaves as they have his plane ticket and a suitcase.
Date: July 30, 1962
Creator: Kempner, Harris Leon
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Letter from The Bertig Company to D. W. Kempner, April 17, 1954]

Description: Letter from The Bertig Company to D. W. Kempner discussing Mr. Kempner's travel plans and suggesting that there is no need of stopping at Paragould on the way back as there is not much to update. And also sharing thoughts that it is better not to discuss about the postponement of the meeting that is supposed to be held on Aug 31 until some time in July.
Date: April 17, 1954
Creator: The Bertig Company
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Letter from I.H. to Cecile Kempner, August 25, 1945]

Description: Letter to Cecile from her father about a storm in Galveston and Sugarland, and its affect on his crops, Harris going to Washington, and "Granny's" health.
Date: August 25, 1947
Creator: Kempner, Isaac H. (Isaac Herbert), 1873-1967
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Letter from Ms. Blake to Mrs. McLean, January 7, 1946]

Description: Letter from Ms. Blake to Mrs. McLean appreciating the work she has done, changes in the name of the War Finance Division, Mrs. Robinson, and educational programs for members.
Date: January 7, 1946
Creator: Blake, Mabelle B.
Partner: Rosenberg Library
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