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[Long Street house]

Description: Photograph of a house on Long Street that was designed by Steinman and Golemon, Architects. The ornamental steel on the house was designed and provided by John Dollinger Jr., Inc. An automobile is parked in a garage to the far right.
Date: [1940..1949]
Partner: Tyrrell Historical Library

Wood's Cafe, early 1940s, McKinney

Description: High vantage point photo of the inside of the cafe, looking towards front door. This is a very busy lunch hour. Most of the men have either hung their hats on the wall rack or still have them on. Only two people have noticed the photographer, the rest are occupied by their meal or conversation. The door to the cafe is propped open, leaving the screen door to allow any sort of breeze in.
Date: 1940~
Partner: Collin County History Museum

[The Kilgore Family]

Description: Photograph of the Kilgore family standing together outdoors. Standing on the far left are Theodore Kilgore and Zonnie Knight Kilgore, the patriarch and matriarch of the family. In the middle of the group is Edna, Ullmann's wife, and Ullmann himself, holding their infant son, Theodore Jr., aka Teddy. The younger Kilgore sons, Joseph and Charles, are standing on the right.
Date: 1940
Partner: League City Helen Hall Library