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[Postcard of "Linden," Home of Mr. A. M. Feltus]

Description: Postcard of a white two story building with a terrace and green window shutters, described as " "Linden," Home of Mr. A. M. Feltus, Natchez, Miss." The back of the postcard adds, " "Linden" is one of the extremely old mansions of Natchez - known to have existed as far back as 1790. Fan lights and door side lights feature Gallery. The Gallery is 98 ft. long, supported by columns being made of a solid piece of timber hand hewn and hand polished." The message on the back is illegible. The postcard is addressed to "Mrs. J. C. Ward Mrs. S. W. Staggard 1685 Park St. Beaumont, Texas."
Date: April 1, 1941
Partner: McFaddin-Ward House Museum

[Postcard of Natural Bridge in Virginia]

Description: Postcard of a white and blue three story estate, two cliffs connected by stone arching across to the other, and a poem about Virginia. The postcard is further described with, "Natural Bridge - One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. There is no other structure like it. The Lee Highway, U. S. No. 11 passes over Natural Bridge. It is higher by 55 feet than Niagara Falls. The mean height of the bridge from the stream below to its upper surface is 215 feet, it has a span of 90 feet between walls, width averages 100 feet and the arch is 40 feet thick. Hotel and cottage accommodations. Open all year. Illumination every night." The message on the back reads, "Mathew + I stopped to see this wonderful sight Saturday Sept. 27th 1941 on way home from Baltimore, Md."
Date: September 27, 1941
Partner: McFaddin-Ward House Museum

[Postcard of The Tutwiler]

Description: Postcard of a multistory brick building with white accents, described further as "The Tutwiler, Birmingham, Ala. Birmingham's largest and finest 450 rooms - 450 baths One of the Dinkler Hotels Dispensers of True Southern Hospitality." The message on the back reads, "Mathew and I had lunch at this hotel Sept. 29th 1941 and make from Baltimore Md. to Beaumont, Texas in Mathew's Packard car with Leonard (Chauffeur) driving - a hot day."
Date: September 29, 1941
Partner: McFaddin-Ward House Museum

[Postcard of Hotel Cherokee and Coffee Shop]

Description: Postcard of a red building superimposed over scenes from the lobby with a Native American in the corner, further described as "Hotel Cherokee Cleveland Tennessee This modern, beautiful, and Fireproof Hotel offers to a discriminating public that service and comfort that they are accustomed to in the metropolitan centers."
Date: September 28, 1941
Partner: McFaddin-Ward House Museum

[City of Grand Prairie Tax Roll: 1941 to 1952]

Description: Tax rolls for Grand Prairie, Texas documenting real and personal properties during 1941 to 1952, including the owner name and information of each property, it's assessed value, taxes due, date paid, and receipt number.
Date: 1941/1952
Creator: Grand Prairie (Tex.)
Partner: Grand Prairie Genealogical Society

[Postcard to Mrs. E. Lasker, August 27, 1941]

Description: Postcard to Mrs. E. Lasker, discussing the sender's sickness. The front of the postcard features a colored illustration of the front of a white, two-story plantation-style house with a red roof and green window shutters. There are several trees of varying size lining the front of the building, and there is an automobile parked in the large front drive.
Date: August 27, 1941
Location Info:
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Pampa High School Student Directory, 1940-1941]

Description: Directory containing the names, addresses, and phone numbers for students at Pampa High School in Pampa, Texas as well as for for teachers and officers of Pampa Independent School District. Also contains advertising from local businesses.
Date: February 11, 1941
Creator: Pampa Independent School District
Partner: Private Collection of Marie Bartholomew

[Hotel Beaumont]

Description: Postcard of the exterior and interior of Hotel Beaumont on the corner of Orleans Street and Fannin Street. On the left side is a picture of the exterior of the hotel with signs that say "Hotel Beaumont" and four automobiles on the street. On the right side of the postcard is the interior of the hotel with furniture. The Hotel Beaumont was opened to the public on Tuesday, August 8, 1922. It was 11 stories tall with 250 rooms and built in the Mediterranean Revival architectural style. Printed on the front of the postcard is "Hotel Beaumont, Beaumont, Texas" and "6A-H1654." On the back of the postcard is printed "Hotel Beaumont, 'A Hotel of Distinction,' In the Center of EVERYTHING, Completely Air Conditioned." Also printed on the back of the postcard is the following information regarding the postcard's creation: "Genuine Curteich-Chicago 'C.T. Photo-Colorit' Post Card (Reg. U.S. Pat.Off.)." Handwritten on the back of the postcard, "Dear John I hope you are well and plenty of work showing up there. I am in Texas looking for work. Regards Dan Fershetti" The card is addressed to Mr. John Lehmone Plums bus Local #1 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn New York.
Date: February 11, 1941
Creator: Curteich & Co
Partner: Tyrrell Historical Library

[Memorial for Thomas McGee Scott by Jack Rattikin of the Texas Title Association]

Description: A typed memorial upon the death of Thomas McGee Scott by James Rattikin of the Texas Title Association. Mentions Tom Scott's role as part of the "Famous 40" as a delegate at the Democratic Presidential Convention in which Woodrow Wilson was nominated. Tom Scott served as President of the Texas Title Association in 1912, and as President of the American Title Association in 1917.
Date: 1941
Creator: Rattikin, Jack
Partner: Private Collection of Caroline R. Scrivner Richards