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[Photograph of Ludwig Börne Statue]

Description: Photograph of a bronze statue of Ludwig Börne, taken from the side, at just above eye-level with the statue. The statue man has his hair parted on the left side, and is holding a book open in front of him on a flat surface. The man's name is etched into the left side of the statue. In the background, an asphalt road is visible beyond a tree that sits in the lawn next to the statue. The name of the statue and the date the photograph was taken on are written on the back of the photo.
Date: 1995
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Photograph of Ludwig Börne Statue Inscription]

Description: Photograph of an inscription, on the side of a bronze statue of Ludwig Börne, taken from an upward angle. Part of the inscription at the bottom is cut off at the edge of the photo. The first paragraph mentions that Mr. Börne inspired other Germans to come to Texas, and that Boerne, Texas is named after him. The base of the statue and a grassy lawn are partially visible to the left of the statue. There are handwritten notes about the photo on the back.
Date: 1995
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Photographs of Boerne Village Band at Börne Dedication]

Description: Four photographs of the Boerne Village Band playing at an event. The first photograph features the whole band, wearing traditional German dress, and playing instruments while sitting on chairs in front of a residential fence. The second photo features six of the men and a boy setting up their equipment and instruments. The third photo features three women (one of whom is not in traditional Germanic dress) and a man sitting down with their instruments. The two women in traditional dress are holding accordions. The fourth photo features a man in traditional dress in front of a fence, holding a brass instrument. The photos are attached to a piece of paper with handwritten notes on it, including one that reads, "Börne Dedication."
Date: June 11, 1995
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

Anthology, Volume 1, Fall 1995

Description: Anthology, the literary journal of Tarleton State University, is produced by students and sponsored by the English department. The publication provides a student forum for literary and visual expression, including original short stories, essays, poetry, artwork, musical compositions, and other creative works.
Date: Autumn 1995
Creator: Tarleton State University
Partner: Tarleton State University

Warriors of Color

Description: This text is a compilation of genealogical information regarding 63 African-American "Buffalo Soldiers" enlisted in the U.S. Army. The entries include biographical notes, timelines, and transcripts of documents related to service in the military and life afterward. Index starts on page 520.
Date: 1995
Creator: Sayre, Harold Ray
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Program: Ludwig Börne Statue Dedication Ceremony, June 11, 1995]

Description: Program for a dedication ceremony held by the Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society, on June 11, 1995, at 2 p.m., at the Boerne Public Library. The ceremony is for the dedication of a bronze Ludwig Börne statue, sculpted by Jonas Perkins, to the town of Boerne, Texas. the program includes an order of events, a brief history and background of Ludwig Börne, and a short bio about the statue's sculptor.
Date: 1995-06~
Creator: Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Butler Building Restoration]

Description: Photograph of a pink brick building known as the Butler Building, during its period of restoration. Its doors are white with glass panes. The window that is visible has glass panes, some of which are boarded up. According to accompanying information, T.A. Kilgore operated his grocery store in this building for many years.
Date: [1995..2000]
Partner: League City Helen Hall Library