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[Hill Family Films, No. 2 - Life with the Hill Family, 1955]

Description: This home movie documents the daily lives and activities of the Roy E. Hill family in early 1955 through July 1955. The film includes title cards and begins with a card that reads “The Norman’s 1955” and a card indicating the movie was “filmed and edited by Roy E. Hill.” Footage includes children playing on a swing set, adults gardening, and a sunset (00:00-01:12). A title card reads “Sterline & A.P. Joyner” (01:12) and includes footage of adults and children in a house (01:12-01:37). A title card reads “Ft. Worth Zoo March 2, 1955” (01:37) and includes footage of the Hill family observing animals including elephants and birds at the Fort Worth Zoo (01:37-03:38). A title card reads “Gary in the Bath ad Out” (03:38). Footage of this portion of the film was removed from the online streaming version due to privacy concerns. A title card reads “E.Hill in his backyard April ‘55” and includes footage of family members posing for the camera and a boy swinging a golf club (03:42-04:29). A title card reads “A Visit with the J. R. Begrins April ‘55” (04:29) and includes footage of a people in a house posing for the camera and objects including a record player and television set (04:29-06:01). ). A title card reads “Pictures of Frank Begrin April ’55” (06:01) and includes footage of a family posing for and talking to the camera, a meal eaten inside a house, flowers, cacti, and a dog (06:01-09:37). A series of title cards read “Backyard Antics” (09:37) “Featuring Joann, Garry Owen, Koenig and Tennis Ball” (09:40) “Spring 1955” (09:43) and is followed by footage of Joann Hill playing with her son Gary Owen (09:37-10:48). A title card reads “Jack Lindsey and Children” (10:49) and includes footage of man with two young children (10:49-11:08) ...
Date: 1955-03-02/1955-07-02
Creator: Hill, Roy E.
Location Info:
Partner: UNT Media Library