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[Letter from Matilda and William Dodd to Mr. Moore and Sis, November 1878]

Description: She hopes everyone is doing well and Abe and Bettie are almost over their chills. Bettie wrote to them last week. The weather is not very good for the wheat or rye, with no rain in several weeks. Deck Dobbins is not expected to live long with paralysis. Melissa Sego arrived at Dick Wilson's a few days ago, Dick says to marry one of her daughters. Dinky's children are still in school and Willie can read and Sissy a little. They made cider the last for the year and she asks that she write back soon. Mr. Donnell is still not doing well. The weather has been dry and cold, hurting the wheat and rye. He talks about sowing and hogs.
Date: November 1878
Creator: Dodd, William & Dodd, Matilda
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[Letter to their Sister and Mr. Moore, November 19, 1878]

Description: She were happy to receive the Moore's letter and were sad to hear that Mr. Moore had rose eyes. She offer some solutions to heal Mr. Moore's eyes. Mr. Dick Dobbins died. She did not go to the funeral, but felt really bad about it. She went to Dinky's house and Dinky was making a dress for her and her mother. She mentions that everyone is doing well. They had thought that Mr. Donnell had died, but he was very much alive. Mr. Joe Wallace and Mary are also doing well. Ellar is getting married to a man from Atlanta and she will be moving there. Mrs. Summers helped the Seago's make a cake. Her mother's flowers are doing well and they plan to take them to town.
Date: November 19, 1878
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