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[Letter from Junia Roberts Osterhout to John Patterson Osterhout and Family, September 24, 1878]

Description: Letter from Junia Roberts Osterhout to her husband, John Patterson Osterhout, and family. Junia wrote her husband and children while she was visiting family in Pennsylvania. She told them who she had been seeing and still needed to stay with. Junia let her family know that she wanted to return before Christmas, but needed money sent to her.
Date: September 24, 1878
Creator: Osterhout, Junia Roberts
Partner: Austin College

[Letter from M. A. DeWitt to Junia Roberts Osterhout, December 8, 1878]

Description: Letter from M. A. DeWitt to sister, Junia Roberts Osterhout. DeWitt's letter was composed of varied news of the family. The letter ended with Mitt informing Junia that a gift for Junia's daughter, Gertrude, would be arriving in time for Christmas. Included is an envelope addressed to "Mrs. J. P. Osterhout."
Date: December 8, 1878
Creator: Mitt, M. A.
Partner: Austin College

[Letter from John Patterson Osterhout to Paul Osterhout, August 22, 1878]

Description: Letter from John Patterson Osterhout to his son, Paul Osterhout. John wrote to his son from his visit with his mother. He mentioned a few land deals he wanted to look into and that his mother offered to give him his father's old desk. John showed interest in starting up a sheep ranch. In the post-script, John said that an aunt might not have much longer to live.
Date: August 22, 1878
Creator: Osterhout, John Patterson
Partner: Austin College