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Primary view of [Healing Mission List: 1929]
unknown creator
May 22, 1929
Primary view of [Marriage Register: 1929-1946]
St. Matthew's Cathedral (Dallas, Tex.)
Primary view of Foldable Landing Gear for Aeroplanes
McCarroll, Frank
September 21, 1920
Primary view of Chassis Connection.
Robinson, Robert F.
March 23, 1920
Primary view of Baking Device.
Cressey, John A.
March 30, 1920
Primary view of Traffic Signal.
Jones, Theodoric
May 9, 1922
Primary view of Electric Hairbrush
Harvey, Birdie
November 28, 1922
Primary view of Needle for Hand-Embroidery and Similar Work.
Pade, George V. & Neitzel, Conrad T.
November 30, 1920
Primary view of Elevator Controlling Device
Quick, Charles F.
September 13, 1921
Primary view of Measuring Device
Bevel, Jack H.
May 23, 1922
Primary view of [Girls' Volleyball Teams]
Dallas (Tex.)
Primary view of Park and Playground System, Dallas, Texas, 1921-1923 [Annual Report]
Dallas (Tex.)
Primary view of [Cedar Creek Main Sewer Line Entering Trinity River]
Dallas (Tex.)
March 1929
Primary view of [Filter Control Table]
Dallas (Tex.)
Primary view of [Seven Views of White Rock Construction]
Dallas (Tex.)
Primary view of Soil Map, Texas, Dallas County Sheet
United States. Bureau of Soils.
Primary view of Soil survey of Dallas County, Texas
Carter, William T. (William Thomas); Bauer, A. H.; Stroud, J. F.; Francis, W. B. & Bushnell, T. M. (Thomas Mark)
Primary view of Dallas County.
[Texas]. General Land Office.
Primary view of The Kessler City Plan For Dallas: A Review of the Plan and Progress on its Accomplishment
Head, Louis P.
Primary view of [Letter from the Kessler Plan Association, January 19, 1926]
Kessler Plan Association
January 19, 1926
Primary view of [Letter from McCarty Moore to John E. Surratt, December 31, 1925]
Moore, W. McCarty
December 31, 1925
Primary view of Prospects Bright for Kessler Program Cary Report Urges Action: Points Out Unity of Support and Cost of Further Delay
unknown creator
Primary view of Dallas Art Notes, Volume 1, Number 2, December 1929
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts
December 1929
Primary view of A Brief History of American Art from the Days of the Colonists to Now [Essay]
Macbeth, Robert W. (Robert Walker), 1884-1940
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