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["Measuregraph" dry goods measurer]

Description: "Measuregraph" dry goods measurer. Grey metal body with traces of black paint still evident. Round white dial on top indicated yardage passed through rollers. Rectangular window of unknown function. Measurer mounted to counter with a slide-on bracket running perpendicular to body of machine. Spring-action blade nicks edge of fabric so it can be torn at correct yardage.
Date: 1923
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Monkey Wrench]

Description: Starting at the bottom, the handle of the monkey wrench is a flat oval shape with two holes, it probably had two wooden pieces, one on each side attached with screws or nails. The neck has a vice that extends all the way to the head to the top of the handle. The head is rectangular with a sloping side. The back of the head is square and looks as though it was used as hammer.
Date: 1880
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Strop with a wooden core]

Description: Strop with a wooden core two padded leather sides parallel to each other, one side is unpadded leather, and the fourth side is inset with a hone. One of the padded sides has a 6 cm hole exposing cotton, same side is missing three nails and is torn.
Date: 1895
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Stove flue damper]

Description: Stove flue damper, pat. July 20, 1915. 11.8 cm diameter damper body with three oval holes. Handle is spring coiled. Body is cracked twice--once through "I" in "American" and once after "N" in "American." See 1999.008.014, 1999.008.016 for other examples of same model
Date: July 20, 1915
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Counter-mounted butcher paper cutter]

Description: Counter-mounted butcher paper cutter. Wooden dowel which held paper roll rests in u-shaped brackets at each end of cutter. Spring-loaded straightedge provides a tearing surface. Unit has holes in base for mounting to counter. Base is braced on one side with a flat metal strip (.5" x 24.4 "); other side is held by a piece of wire. Top of unit is made from a flat wooden bar. (a) is main part. (b) is wooden dowel.
Date: 1910
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Fort Bend County Courthouse addition construction, lumber and tools to the left]

Description: Photograph of Fort Bend County Courthouse addition construction, June 3, 1957. Contractor was Bell Construction. Foundation work. A man wearing light colored pants, dark shirt, gloves, and hat is walking across the new foundation. Another man to left of foundation is wearing a hardhat with light colored shirt. Partial view of man with straw hat (dark band) on far right. Man (back of) in a trench next to the new foundation on the right.
Date: June 3, 1957
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Compass saw]

Description: Compass saw that has an upside down G-Shaped handle with two screwed where the blade inserts. The one further away from the blade is 2 cm in diameter and is stamped with H Disston & Sons Philada With a little emblem in the center. The other is 1.2 cm in diameter and is plain. The blade is most likely the original because it has been engraved with the same names.
Date: 1895
Partner: Fort Bend Museum