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[One hundred year church marker service]

Description: Photograph of honored guests in the process of departing the sanctuary of the church at the end of the Westminster Presbyterian Church one hundred year marker commemorative event. Choir members in the foreground of the image are also preparing to leave the church as well.
Date: March 1, 1980
Partner: Tyrrell Historical Library

[One hundred year marker religious service]

Description: Photograph of three honorary speakers posing for a photograph during the Westminster Presbyterian Church one hundred year historical marker celebration. Standing in the center is Reverend Dr. John R. Hendrick, former pastor of the church, and to his right is Reverend Phineas A. Washer.
Date: March 1980
Partner: Tyrrell Historical Library

[Crowd on city street]

Description: Photograph taken from above of a Pierce-Arrow automobile with its soft top up surrounded by a crowd of people on a city street. The crowd is mostly men, but at least one woman can be seen at the top of the photograph.
Date: [1906..1922]
Partner: Tyrrell Historical Library

[Pierce-Arrow automobile]

Description: Photograph of Pierce-Arrow automobile broken down in axle deep mud on a road during a cross-country motor touring trip. Mrs. Frances Ann Lutcher is shown with her party of travelers looking on the disabled vehicle.
Date: [1911, 1912]
Partner: Tyrrell Historical Library

Two Cadets at Rifle Range

Description: Cut-out photograph of two Schreiner Institute cadets at the rifle range. One cadet is positioned on the ground in firing position with a rifle while the other cadet marks in a tablet.
Date: 192u
Creator: Schreiner Institute
Partner: Schreiner University