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[Invoice for Items from Kallman's Garden Nursery, October 1948]

Description: Invoice for items sold to Mr. D. W. Kempner by Kallman's Garden Nursery, including a Brunfelsia, 6 six-inch Pots Mother Ferns, 2 Crown of Bohemia Hibiscuses, 2 one-gallon Coprosma, 2 one-gallon Silver Trees, a one-gallon Luna Hibiscus, a one-gallon Afterglow Bougainvillea, a Straphsthus, a Cassia, 2 White Agapanthuses, 2 Blue Agapanthuses, a Clivia, a Bird of Paradise, and a Billbergia totaling $29.70. The invoice was marked paid.
Date: October 1948
Creator: Kallman's Garden Nursery
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Invoice for Items from Howard & Smith, March 31, 1953]

Description: Invoice for items sold to D. W. Kempner by Howard & Smith, including ten units of each of the following items: Perennial Phlox (Rosy Blue), Tritoma (Springtime), Aster Frikarti, Amaryllis Mixed, Violets (Royal Robe), and Gerberas (Duplex Mixed). The total of $17.50 was paid for in check on the 7th of April, 1953. The invoice also mentions that Weigela Bristol Ruby could not be supplied.
Date: March 31, 1953
Creator: Howard & Smith
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Newspaper Clippings: Kempner Family]

Description: Three newspaper clippings mentioning or containing pictures of the Kempner. The first clipping discusses marriage and relationship gossip, including the marriage of Mary Jeane Kempner to Mr. Oakleigh Thorne Lewis, the second clipping mentions H. Kempner's appointment as a director for the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway Co., and the last clipping contains a partial photograph of a young woman in a fancy dress sitting down next to a man.
Date: 1949-03-02~
Creator: New York American
Partner: Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund
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