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Mrs. L. M. Sinclair

Description: Letter from L. M. "Buddy" Sinclair to his wife, Katie. Buddy was stationed in France at the time of this letter around February, 1945.
Date: 1945-02~
Creator: Sinclair, L. M.
Partner: Sulphur Springs Public Library

[Municipal Accounts from February to April]

Description: Document containing municipal accounts from February 15 to April 28, prepared by Justice of the Peace Ramón.
Date: 1841-04~
Partner: St. Mary's University Louis J. Blume Library

[National Endowment for the Arts Visual Arts Special Projects, February 14, 1995]

Description: Photocopy of a letter from Leilani Lattin Duke, Director of the Getty Center, to the RIG Directors. In regards to the National Endowment for the Arts, NEA, Visual Arts Special Projects. Duke has enclosed the results of the eight arts education program funded by NEA to the directors believing the information is useful for them. Enclosed with the letter is the Arts in Education Special Projects Handbook.
Date: February 14, 1995
Creator: Duke, Leilani Lattin
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

National Stonewall Democratic Federation

Description: Letter from board officers to "member" on December 15, 1998 thanking them for their support. Included is a letter to Mr. President from Daniel McGlinchey regarding Stonewall's efforts to elect Democrats who support equal rights for gay and lesbian Americans. Also, two line graphs showing the percentage of Democrat Pro-Gay Vote compare to Republican Pro-Gay Vote in the US. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.
Date: December 15, 1998
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[New Year's card from A.R. Clark]

Description: Greeting card signed by A.R. Clark, undated. The exterior of the card is red on both sides with gold embossed lettering on the front that reads "Happy New Year". Printed on the interior of the card is "Wishing you the very best throughout the coming year". The handwritten note inside the card reads "To the greatest friend I have on this earth, Best wishes, Always, A.R. Clark".
Date: unknown
Creator: Clark, A.R.
Partner: Houston Metropolitan Research Center at Houston Public Library

[News release from Andres Pereira]

Description: News release from Andres Pereira on the latest information regarding the Texas Human Rights Foundation.
Date: April 6, 1999
Creator: Pereira, Andres
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[News release regarding legislation]

Description: Newsletter from the Texas Human Rights Foundation regarding the celebration of the Texas Penal Code Section 21.06 being overturned.
Date: 1993
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Newsletter by Joachim Joesten]

Description: Photocopy of a newsletter by Joachim Joesten titled: "Joachim Joesten's Truth Letter". The newsletter claims it is designed to provide updates on developments in the case of the assassination of president John F. Kennedy.
Date: unknown
Creator: Joesten, Joachim
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives

[Newsletter from Keith L. Arney, September 14, 1996]

Description: Photocopy of a newsletter from Keith L. Arney, President of the Texas Art Education Association, to the newsletter recipients. Announcing that on behalf of the TAEA, they've nominated Suzi Alost-Reid for Western Region Elementary Division Art Educator of the year, and through the nomination TAEA wishes to express their appreciation for Reid and her achievements and contributions to art education through Texas.
Date: September 14, 1996
Creator: Arney, Keith L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Newsletter from Lyda Keefe to WASP, April 5, 1986]

Description: Newsletter from Lyda Keefe to WASP about Helen Schaefer, people she met, Barbara Heinrich, the upcoming meeting in Sweetwater, and other WASP. On the front is a photograph of a group of WASP and a note about Dora Dougherty and Didi Moorman.
Date: April 5, 1986
Creator: Keefe, Lyda Dunham
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Newsletter from the Texas Human Rights Foundation]

Description: Newsletter from the Texas Human Rights Foundation informing the public of their accomplishments and mission, as well as asking for financial assistance.
Date: April 29, 1992
Creator: Texas Human Rights Foundation
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Newsletter regarding gay leadership]

Description: A piece of paper discussing Roberta Achtenberg's positions as the highest-ranking self-identified gay or lesbian individual in a federal position.
Date: unknown
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Newspaper Article and Letter from Ellouise Cockrell Stevenson to W.J. Bryan - February 24, 1938]

Description: Small newspaper clipping of an article from the Abilene Reporter, speaking of a letter addressed to W.J. Bryan that was found in a building in Nebraska. Also included is a letter from Ellouise Cockrell Stevenson to W.J. Bryan, containing a transcript of an article written by Stevenson's father about the location of the Federal Court in Abilene.
Date: February 24, 1938
Creator: Stevenson, Ellouise Cockrell
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Notarized Document from Rancho San Joaquín]

Description: Notarized document from Rancho San Joaquín concerning the settlement of a property dispute and forming a corporation.
Date: 1845-01~
Partner: St. Mary's University Louis J. Blume Library

[Note from Bee Haydu, April 18, 1980]

Description: Note from Bee Haydu discussing an attached letter from Lillian Roberts and Haydu's response to Roberts about the Order of Fifinella's tax-exempt status.
Date: April 18, 1980
Creator: Haydu, Bernice Falk
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum