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[Letter from the Jacksonian Optical College to Edith Wilson Sutherlin, February 11, 1913]

Description: Letter from the Jacksonian Optical College to Edith Wilson Sutherlin, on February 11, 1913, informing her that they believe her to have a clear understanding of optics, and reminding her of a diploma fee that must be paid before they can forward her diploma to her.
Date: February 11, 1913
Creator: Jacksonian Optical College
Partner: Private Collection of the Sutherlin Family

[Man in Pierce-Arrow automobile]

Description: Postcard of a side view of a Pierce-Arrow automobile with Herbert Herman Fiedler behind the wheel and another man sitting next to him on a street in DeKalb, Illinois. Both men are wearing goggles. On the side of the car are five small triangular flags--one flag says "Nebraska", one flag says "Orange, Tex. to New York via Denver, Col.", one says "Texas", one says "Omaha", and a fifth is unreadable. A metal fence is visible in the background as well as trees and homes.
Date: [1906..1922]
Partner: Tyrrell Historical Library

[Postcard from E. Lucas to Lucy Dodge, October 28, 1917]

Description: Postcard from E. Lucas to Lucy Dodge, discussing the safety of a boxy Lucy sent her, her own illness, and the city of Boerne, Texas. The postcard features a photograph, colored in with ink, of a driveway along the side of a tall sloping hill and the surrounding area. Further down the winding dirt drive, there is a suspension bridge across the road. The environment has lots of scrub brush and small, bushy trees.
Date: October 28, 1917
Creator: Lucas, E.
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Postcard from Margaret to Maud Curtie]

Description: Postcard from Margaret to Maud Curtie, discussing Margaret's experience with her mother visiting Boerne, Texas. The postcard features a photograph of a view of Boerne, Texas, from Kronkosky Hill. To the left, there are three large house barely visible through the large tree cover, and at the right, there is a network of paths - one of which leads to a wooden foot-bridge. In the distance, smaller houses are also visible.
Date: 192u-05-31
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Postcard of Chicago World's Fair Fountain by Night]

Description: Postcard of a fountain lit by many soft colors. The back of the postcard adds, "Magnificent lighting effects in five colors - green, red, amber, blue, and white - will make the spectacle unlike everything else in the world. 40 feet high and 200 feet wide, at the south end three single high sprays about the dome throw water 75 feet into the air." The message on the back reads, "Do wish you + Mamie could come to see the fair. It is worth seeing I think. I have spent three days there all day and am not there seeing it. Lacy is learning to send King love with me as he hasn't any girl in view. S. W." The postcard is addressed to "Mr. Carrol Ward, Texas Ice Co. Beaumont, Texas."
Date: September 21, 1934
Partner: McFaddin-Ward House Museum

[Postcard of Washington Park in Chicago]

Description: Postcard of four boats paddled by men dressed in white shirts under a wooden bridge. The scene is described as "Showing Rustic Bridge in one of the city's most beautiful parks. Located on the South Side and containing 371 acres." The letter is illegible. The postcard is addressed to "Miss Mamie McFaddin 1141 Third Ave. Huntington, West Va."
Date: August 16, 1908
Partner: McFaddin-Ward House Museum

[Recruitment Card]

Description: Recruitment card belonging to Edgar Brown Sutherlin. It reads: "U. S. Naval Recruiting Station, 1421 Masonic Temple, Chicago, Ill. No. 241. Name: Sutherlin, E. B. Rate: Landsman for Training. Date: APR 3 - 1902." Sutherlin signed the back of the card.
Date: April 3, 1902
Creator: Naval Regional Contracting Center (U.S.)
Partner: Private Collection of the Sutherlin Family