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[Letter from Gertrude Osterhout to Paul Osterhout, February 27, 1882]

Description: Letter from Gertrude Osterhout to her brother, Paul Osterhout, discussing her life at school. She wrote about her responsibilities of acting as a supervisor for the girls at the boarding house. She told him of the local gossip and school events, including concerts and drawing room receptions where the girls were taught how to entertain guests. A day after she finished the first part of the letter, she continued to write a couple pages more about a recent storm that had hit the city and resulted in property damage and a couple of lives lost.
Date: February 27, 1882
Creator: Osterhout, Gertrude
Partner: Austin College

[Letter from Paul Osterhout to John Patterson and Junia Roberts Osterhout, May 27, 1881]

Description: Letter from Paul Osterhout to his parents, John Patterson and Junia Roberts Osterhout. He thanked his family for a recent letter he received from home. Paul described parts of a composition he prepared to give at a commencement ceremony and sent his father a copy of the speech. He mentioned some activities that were going on at the school, including a baseball game and a concert, and insisted that his father or mother try to visit. Included is an envelope addressed to "J. P. Osterhout."
Date: May 27, 1881
Creator: Osterhout, Paul
Partner: Austin College

[Letter from W. W. Culver, Jr. to John Patterson Osterhout, March 27, 1899]

Description: Letter from W. W. Culver Jr. to John Patterson Osterhout regarding recent events. Culver told him that he had been very sick, but had recovered and that he was going to see an acquaintance of John's daughter. Included is an envelope addressed to "J. P. Osterhout Esq." and there is an image of a steel range and furnace.
Date: March 27, 1899
Creator: Culver, W. W., Jr.
Partner: Austin College