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[20" Suction Dredge]

Description: Photographs taken during the construction of Garza Dam in Dallas County, Texas. The first image (numbered 167) is of a dredge in water, with two cars in the foreground. The second image is of a dredge with a large pipe attached. Handwritten text on the images identify them as: (top) "Garza Dam 20" Suction Dredge Headed South to Cut-Off" taken on 05-21-25, and (bottom) "Garza Dam 20" Dredge Pumping Material for Hydraulic Fill" taken on 05-28-25.
Date: 1925
Creator: Dallas Water Utilities
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives

[1899 Graduating Class of Gatesville, Texas]

Description: Photograph of several rows of people expanding outward from the doorway of the Coryell County courthouse. The young men and women are the graduating class of students from Gatesville, Texas, from 1899. The women primarily wear skirts and white blouses, while the men wear dark slacks and jackets.
Date: 1899~
Partner: Private Collection of Mary Newton Maxwell

[1908 Officials and Employees of Coryell County, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the Coryell County, Texas, officers of 1908. Three rows of the men sit on the steps of the Coryell County courthouse. The men are identified from the top left as Pleas Post (collector), W. L. Carlyle (commissioner), J. O. Curry (commissioner), T. L. Allison (commissioner), J. P. Gardner (commissioner), G. E. Johnson (county attorney), Frank Parsons (janitor), W. W. Seeton (district clerk), Sam Davis (sheriff), R. T. Wilson (county clerk), Earl Stone (city marshal), John Caufield (county surveyor), R. E. West (county judge), Ben McClinton (deputy clerk), J. R. Saunders (county treasurer), illegible (county superintendent), Jim Shows (tax assessor), and Joe B. Watkins (justice of the peace).
Date: 1908
Partner: Private Collection of Mary Newton Maxwell

A 1913 Wedding

Description: Information about a photograph for a research paper written for a history class at Marfa High School about the 1913 wedding of Hijinio Roman and Pilar Dominguez. A footnotes page and bibliography to the research paper are also included.
Date: January 18, 1977
Creator: Carrasco, Irma
Partner: Marfa Public Library

1926 State Championship Mingus Girls Basketball Team

Description: Given the subject of this photograph, and the time it was taken, this photograph, is fairly conventional. The girls on the left hold a pennant that reads "Girls '26 Basket Ball." A young lady in the center holds a basketball labeled "M.H.S. - 26." They are wearing uniforms consisting of dresses with tucked skirts, athletic shoes, and knee socks. An article is partially visible under the photograph.
Date: 1926
Partner: Palo Pinto County Historical Association

[N. A. Holley & Sons Storefront]

Description: Photograph of the front and side of a brick building housing N. A. Holley & Sons Grocery Market in Mesquite, Texas. A man in overalls is visible inside the store window, where various items are on display in the storefront.
Date: 1932
Location Info:
Partner: Mesquite Public Library

[Actors and plane]

Description: Photograph of three men standing in front of a biplane. One man, center, wears a dark jumpsuit with a skull and crossbones emblem on it. The other two men wear trench coats and aviator caps with goggles pulled over them.
Date: unknown
Partner: The University of Texas at Dallas

[Actors in movie scene]

Description: Colorized promotional still for The Great Air Robbery. In the photograph, Ormer Locklear is lifting himself from his seat while a woman, sitting in front, reaches her arm out of the plane. A man in the seat behind her is wearing an aviator cap with goggles pulled over it.
Date: unknown
Partner: The University of Texas at Dallas

[Addison, Texas Fire Department Patch]

Description: Patch from the Addison, Texas fire department. The cross shaped patch has a blue background and yellow edging. "Fire" and "Addison Texas" are written in yellow within the top and bottom points. The left point features a Star of Life, and the right point contains the two axes crossed under a fire helmet. The central image is circular picture of a building among trees.
Date: unknown
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Adults and Children Gather for Country Sporting Event]

Description: Photograph of a group of people posing together for a country sporting event. Older girls and women stand to the left and older boys and men stand to the right behind a fence. Many of them are carrying farming implements. A mixed group of younger children sits by an open gate on the left. A small livestock pen has a boy seated beside it to the right. The heads of two reined horses are visible in the foreground at the bottom of the photo.
Date: 1896?~
Partner: Private Collection of Mary Newton Maxwell

[Aerial Photograph of Lutheran Concordia College of Texas]

Description: Photograph with an aerial view of the Lutheran Concordia College of Texas campus. The campus appears above an active highway. Houses and trees surround the campus. A baseball field can be seen to the right of the campus beside the highway. The wing of the plane carrying the photographer is visible along the top portion of the photo.
Date: unknown
Partner: Concordia University Texas