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1931 Confirmation

Description: Black and white photograph of a confirmation class of the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. The class is comprised of thirteen girls and four boys who are arranged in two rows and are either sitting or standing. The girls are wearing white dresses and the boys are wearing dark suits and ties. An older man identified as Pastor N.P. Hald stands to the right of the class. Behind the group three windows are visible.
Date: 1931
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Danevang School

Description: Copy negative of the school children of Danevange School, which is located in Wharton County, Texas. The children are pictured on the font steps of the school. From left to right, top to bottom, the students pictured are: Row 1 (top): Christian Michaelsen, Gensler (unknown first name), Leo Jensen, Laura Petersen, Emma Brodsgaard, Lillie Jensen, Karen Petersen, Ingeborg Agnes Berndt, Marianna Berndt, Kathryn Nielsen, Anna Michaelsen, Myrtle Hansen, Myrtle Nielsen, Edna Lykke, Hans Michaelsen, Harry Hermansen, and Schultz (unknown first name). Row 2: Peter Brodsgaard, Clarence Bram, Gensler (unknown first name), Ejler Hermansen, Jens Christensen, Otto Harton, Emil Lauritsen, Carl Jensen, Clifford Lykke, O. W. Schaer, Raymond Bram, Arnold Petersen, Walter Harton, Clifford Smith, Herluf Westerholm, and Carl Brodsgaard. Row 3: Dagmar Lykke, Norma Petersen, Louise Lauritsen, Astrid Hansen, Alts Petersen, Doris Ingvardsen, Ellen Jensen, Thelma Jones, Margaret Hansen, Nadine Neisig, Ingeborg Ingvardsen, Ingeborg Wind, Thora Nielsen, Metha Lauritsen Berndt, Bertha Thyssen, Lillian Hansen, Eda Nielsen, Emma Christensen, and Anna Petersen. Row 4: Hans Peter Ingvardsen, Lloyd Rayman, Niels Berndt, Harry Hermansen, Henry Knudsen, Edgar Jensen, unknown, unknown, Leo Petersen, Harold Hansen, Peter Westerholm, Leo Westerholm, Max Westerholm, Sigurd Hermansen, Andrew Neisig, Adolph Andersen, Wilbur Petersen, unknown. Row 5: Marilyn Marie Thayssen, Elna Nielsen, Honey Jensen, unknown, Clara Schulze, unknown, Helen Jensen, Helen Smith, Ellen Nielsen, Ester Rasmussen, Peggy Smith, Dorothy Burkman, Jean Petersen, Vavie Michaelsen, Eda Nielsen, Hoffman (unknown first name), Beneva Smith, Clara Juhl, Doris Christiansen, Dorothy Jensen, Anne Berndt, Elsie Lykke, unknown. Row 6: Emil (Jack) Bram, Chris Brodsgaard, unknown, Verner Petersen, Viggo Thyssen, Roy Nielsen, Albert Christensen, Verner Thyssen, Otto Jensen, Chester Jensen, Willard Longwood, Chris Berndt, Edgar Hansen, Johnny Brodsgaard, Edwin Petersen, and Leonard Lauritsen.
Date: February 8, 1927
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Danevang School Class of 1927

Description: Copy negative of a black and white photograph of a group of young students posed for their school portrait. They are arranged in three rows; those on the first row are kneeling, those on the second row are seated, and those on the back row are standing. In the center of the first row, a student is holding a chalkboard that has their class information written on it. The Danevang School building is directly behind the group.
Date: 1927
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Historical Grocery Store in Danevang]

Description: A copy negative of a black and white photograph of a building that has been owned by several different individuals over the years. During the time of the picture, it was a grocery store; two large store front display windows are visible in the front, as well as the two-door frame and several windows. An automobile is parked in the front yard, where dry grass is visible.
Date: unknown
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society