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Primary view of [Letter from D. W. Kempner to Mary Jean, July 11, 1956]
Kempner, Daniel W. (Daniel Webster), 1877-1956
July 11, 1956
Primary view of [Letter from I. H. to Cecile Kempner, October 1, 1950]
Kempner, Isaac H. (Isaac Herbert), 1873-1967
October 1, 1950
Primary view of [Letter from Mrs. Kempner to Mrs. Williamson, November 27, 1944]
Kempner, Jeane Bertig
November 27, 1944
Primary view of [Letter from Mrs. Nixon to Mrs. Kempner, December 29, 1943]
Nixon, Doris
December 29, 1943
Primary view of [Letter from Paul B. Caster to I. H. Kempner, Jr., July 21, 1946]
Caster, Paul B.
July 21, 1946
Primary view of [Letter from Robert Markle Armstrong to W. H. Louviere, March 27, 1953]
Armstrong, Robert Markle
March 27, 1953
Primary view of [Telegram from Mrs. Mills to Mrs. Kempner, May 8, 1945]
Mills, Mrs. Ogden L.
May 8, 1945
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