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Primary view of [Client Card: Architectual and Mechanical Products, Co.]
Roman Bronze Works Foundry
September 1954
Primary view of [Client Card: Bank of America]
Roman Bronze Works Foundry
Primary view of [Client Card: Carl Byoir & Associates]
Roman Bronze Works Foundry
Primary view of [Client Card: Dr. Arthur B. Cecil]
Roman Bronze Works Foundry
March 1935
Primary view of [Client Card: Miss Marian Brackenridge]
Roman Bronze Works Foundry
Primary view of [Client Card: Miss Mary R. Birch]
Roman Bronze Works Foundry
Primary view of [Client Card: Mr. B. G. Cantoir]
Roman Bronze Works Foundry
February 1976
Primary view of [Client Card: Mr. Benimino Bufano]
Roman Bronze Works Foundry
Primary view of [Client Card: Mr. Earl Adams]
Roman Bronze Works Foundry
Primary view of [Client Card: Mr. James Austin]
Roman Bronze Works Foundry
September 1934
Primary view of [Client Card: Mr. Joseph Bolker]
Roman Bronze Works Foundry
Primary view of [Client Card: Mrs. Jean Archbold]
Roman Bronze Works Foundry
September 1961
Primary view of [Client Card: Mrs. Rose Berch]
Roman Bronze Works Foundry
June 1955
Primary view of [Clipping: Catholic Campaign]
unknown creator
October 23, 1944
Primary view of [Clipping: "WASPs Take to Air For Patriotic Love"]
Lawrie, Susan
October 12, 1984
Primary view of [Clipping: Wings of Excellence]
Novak, C. James
August 1995
Primary view of [Clipping: "Women Fliers Seek Veteran Status"]
Liddick, Betty
May 25, 1977
Primary view of [Committee on Education and Special Training Administration Memo Number 6]
Briscoe, Chesleigh H.
September 21, 1918
Primary view of Convair Report to Supervision, Number 1043, May 9, 1979
Adams, Richard E.
May 9, 1979
Primary view of [Correspondence between Archie A. McConnell and Alex Bradford - July 18, 1944]
McConnell, Archie A. & Bradford, Alex
Primary view of [Delta Sigma Theta Awards Gala at the 42nd national convention]
unknown creator
October 6, 1994
Primary view of The Fire Chief's Newsletter, Volume 19, Number 4, April 1955
unknown creator
April 1955
Primary view of [Jacqueline Cochran's Typed Daily Schedule: December 1969 to December 1973]
unknown creator
unknown creation date
Primary view of [Letter from Alex Bradford to Captain John H. Mansell - January 4, 1944]
Thivierge, Yvonne & Bradford, Alex
January 4, 1944
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