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[Statue of The Thinker]

Description: Photograph of The Thinker statue by Auguste Rodin. In the image the statue, being distorted by a Hypergon Lens, is centered in the frame with building in the background. Joe Clark, the photographer, was testing out the new lens.
Date: February 10, 1963
Creator: Clark, Joe
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Ice Fisherman as the Fish Sees Him]

Description: Photographs of groups of people fishing, set side-by-side. The left image is taken from above, with four people looking down at the fish through a hole in the ice. The right image is taken from below the ice, looking up past the fish and through the hole at the people fishing. Narrative by Junebug Clark: Additional photos and information can be found in the pdf document "Joe Clark HBSS LIFE Magazine Photos" page 16. February 27, 1950. Life Magazine. pages 102-103. Fish-Eye View. Michigan Perch get rare look at ice fishermen. Fish-Eye View Joe Clark HBSS Tawas, Michigan 1950 Winter late 1949 my father, Joe Clark HBSS, received a call from the photo editor of LIFE magazine. "Every year we get about twenty stories on ice fishing, but all the pictures are the same. We know there is something interesting going on, but we just don't have any interesting pictures," he said. My father got to thinkin' and realized that he had never seen a picture of "The Fisherman as the Fish Sees him." About this same time my mother, Bernice, came home from the five and dime all excited because she just found and bought something brand new. A sheet of a clear plastic or vinyl that you could place over the dining table that would protect your linen table cloth. She spread it out over the dining room table and hurried down the block to fetch a neighborhood friend to show her "the amazing new find". At the same time Joe was in the bathroom laying a new tile floor and when Bernice returned she was aghast to see a big portion of her new plastic table cover missing and found Joe with that piece glued into a big buble and held together with tile cement and running ...
Date: February 5, 1950
Creator: Clark, Joe
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Stefan Bardas]

Description: Photograph of Stefan Bardas, wearing a suit and standing looking at sheet music. Mr. Bardas was Artist in Residence and Professor in the College of Music from 1955 to 1980. Photo taken February 5, 1962.
Date: February 5, 1962
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Flute Section]

Description: Photograph of the North Texas State University band's flute section. In this image, the flutists are dressed in uniform and arranged on and behind risers, holding their flutes.
Date: February 21, 1962
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Dr. Hugh M. Ayer]

Description: Photograph of Dr. Hugh M. Ayer, taken February 17, 1975. Dr. Ayer taught history at North Texas from 1958 to 1986, and would serve as Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, and as Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Ayer is seen seated for a formal portrait.
Date: February 17, 1975
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Mrs. B. M. Williams to B. M. Williams, Jr. - February 24, 1907]

Description: Letter from Mrs. B.M. Williams of Gainesville to her son, describing events that have happened at home, including health of family members, the farming business, the weather, and a torrential hail storm. It includes the original envelope, addressed to Mr. B. M. Williams, Jr. in El Paso, Texas.
Date: February 24, 1907
Creator: Williams, Mrs. B. M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Byrd to Irene - February 22, 1912]

Description: Letter from Byrd to a friend named Irene, in which Byrd suggests remedies for Irene's recent sickness and appears to be responding to Irene's recent letters regarding friends in El Paso, going to see shows, and working to earn money for a trousseau.
Date: February 22, 1912
Creator: Williams, Byrd M. (Byrd Moore), Jr.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Murchison Performing Center-opening gala]

Description: Video footage of the One O'Clock Lab band, wind symphony with grand chorus, and symphony orchestra with grand chorus performing at the Murchison Performing Arts Center opening gala. The video ends with a fireworks display.
Date: February 20, 1999
Creator: Center for Media Production
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections