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Hereford Christian College, Hereford, Tex.

Description: Postcard showing the front and one side of the Hereford Christian College building. The building is a three story stone, brick and shingle building with a front portico and a central tower over the front facade. A windmill is visible at the rear of the building and a portion of another building is visible to the right. A typed label attached to the front of the image is partially detached.
Date: unknown
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

[Channing, Texas school building]

Description: Photograph of a one-story frame building with a peaked roof and a bell tower. The building has double doors in one end, flanked by windows. Four windows are visible on the adjacent side of the building. A board fence is in front of the building, and a second structure is visible in the background.
Date: unknown
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

[Hallway in Alice Landergin School]

Description: Photograph of a hallway in the Alice Landergin School, an elementary school in Amarillo, Texas. There are student lockers along both sides of the hallway. There are also three drinking fountains. A clock is mounted on one wall, and glass light fixtures are suspended from the ceiling. A window is visible at the end of the hallway.
Date: 1928
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

[Chemistry class at the Canadian Baptist Academy]

Description: Photograph of six women and one man working in a chemistry lab at the Canadian Baptist Academy. The photograph includes the class instructor, Dr. T. L. Eyerly who stands at the far end of the table. The photograph was printed as a post card and has a note written on the back by Carrie Killebrew, a student in the class, to her cousin, Mrs. Myrtle May Wilson in Temple, Oklahoma.
Date: 1908
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Clarendon, Texas grade school class room

Description: Photograph of a classroom at Clarendon School in Clarendon, Texas. The photograph was taken from the front of the classroom and shows the back coat closet and four small blackboards. Names of students are written on three of the blackboards with the name of the school's architect, Guy A. Carlander, written on the fourth.. The classroom has five rows of desks. Windows are visible on one side wall.
Date: [1922~]
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

First unit, Alice Landergin School, Amarillo, Texas

Description: Photograph of Alice Landergin elementary school in Amarillo, Texas, probably taken soon after the building was completed. The building is of brick and has a clay tile roof. It has three decorative arched doorways and a decorative band around the building. In front of the building is the flagpole. The architect of the school, Guy A. Carlander, is named on the verso.
Date: September 1928
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

[Clarendon College building]

Description: Photograph of the main building of Clarendon College in Clarendon, Texas. The three-story building is constructed of brick, with a shingled roof. On each side of the main part of the building are two square towers. The mansard roof of the main building includes dormer windows and at the top of the towers there are small gabled dormer openings. The tower closest to the viewer has round windows on the third floor and one of them appears to be open or missing. There are three children sitting on the ground in front of the building, and a girl is about to enter one of the doors. A water tower is visible behind the building. The image is misidentified as "Claude Courthouse." on the verso.
Date: 1906
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

H.S. Tulia, Texas, auditorium

Description: Photograph of the auditorium of Tulia High School in Tulia, Texas, looking toward the stage from the back of the room. There are three sections of wood-backed seats. There are arched windows on each side of the room. The stage is set with a table and chairs and has a painted backdrop at the back of the stage area. A curtain or screen at the front of the stage is painted with advertisements. The architect for the building was Guy A. Carlander.
Date: [1924~]
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Wellington High School, Wellington, Texas

Description: Photograph of a newly built high school in Wellington, Texas. The two-story brick building features Gothic-style stone ornamentation on the front fa├žade and parapet. Pointed arch windows are above and on either side of the entryway. The architect of the building was Guy A. Carlander.
Date: 1929
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

W.T.S.N.C., 1/23/1916

Description: Photograph of the administration building at West Texas State Normal College during construction. The photograph shows construction debris around the building and several people walking around the site. The image was produced as a postcard, which includes an unsigned message on the reverse addressed to Ethel L. Tubbs of Hale Center, Texas: "Kind Friend. I must tell you about the big debate between the Cousins & Guenther societies last Sat. night. We won. Resolved: That the U.S. should own & control the RR within her territories. Easton Allen and Charles Keffer for the Cousins, [Beverley] Sportsman & [Hilliard] Fatheree for Guenthers. Of course I am happy. The Floyd Co. Club will have a valentine party Sat. night. Wish you could be here. We have the best club of its history. The work on the inside is being pushed rapidly of the building. You can get a glimpse of the finished walls. Hope you are having better success with your basketball teams.
Date: January 23, 1916
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

[West Texas State Teachers College basketball team]

Description: Photograph of the basketball team for West Texas State Teachers College. Eighteen players and two coaches are posed before a studio backdrop, two rows seated and one row standing. Players wear dark, long-sleeved jerseys with the word "Buffaloes" lettered on the chest, and long trousers. Two coaches are dressed in suits. Individuals are identified on the verso:. Bottom row: Hotcher Brown, J. D. Hazlewood, Buster Brown, Oscar Gamel, Kenneth Starnes, and Cleveland Jones. Middle row: Mitchell Jones, ___ Ward, Cleatice Crump, Delbert Lowes, Alex Hale, Pat Gerard, Clifford Keith. Back row: Arthur Jennings, Cyril Layne, ___Strain, William Lockhart, Boyce Bandy, R. F. Newman, S. D. Burton.
Date: 1928
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Alice Landergin School, Amarillo, Texas, Guy Carlander, architect

Description: Photograph of a classroom in the Alice Landergin School in Amarillo, Texas. The classroom has a blackboard against one wall and windows with shades opposite. The teacher's desk is in the front of the classroom and the pupils' desks are arranged in six rows. At the back of the classroom is a closet with coat hooks and shelves, and storage cabinets.
Date: 1928~
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Childress H.S., 2/23/26

Description: Photograph of Childress High School construction. The central portion of the front facade is shown, with work on the upper part of the second story in progress. Two workers are visible on the roof. A horse is standing in front of the building. There are stacks of brick and other building materials at the front of the building.
Date: February 23, 1926
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Seventh annual conference, eighth district, Texas Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teacher Associations

Description: Program for the annual district meeting of the Texas Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teacher Associations, held in Childress, Texas, April 2-4, 1930. It includes a list of officers and committee chairs and a program of events. The district meeting included representatives from around the Texas Panhandle.
Date: 1930
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

[West Texas State Normal College main building]

Description: Photograph of the front facade of the main building of West Texas State Normal College in Canyon, Texas. A long concrete walkway leads to the front steps of the building. There are three people standing at the base the steps. Several small trees line part of the walk and a planted area in the near foreground, where a hose and water sprinkler are visible.
Date: 191u
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Tulia H.S, $100,000

Description: Photograph of the newly built Tulia High School in Tulia, Texas. The photograph was taken from one side of the building, with the front facade also visible. The two-story building features a decorative band of brick at the base, with what appears to be stucco above. There is a clay tile roof and decorative elements in the walls below the roof line. The center section of the front facade extends above the roof, and features a crenellated parapet. A one-story extension from the rear of the building connects to a small two-story structure. The building is surrounded by a sidewalk and newly planted trees and some houses are visible in the background. The building was designed by architect Guy A. Carlander and completed in 1924.
Date: 1924
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

[Interior of Cousins Hall]

Description: Photograph of the sitting room of Cousins Hall, the women's dormitory at West Texas State Normal College. The room is furnished with several arm chairs and rocking chairs, a table, a divan, potted plants and an upright piano. Windows along the perimeter of the room are curtained. Two light fixtures are suspended from the ceiling.
Date: 192u
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Citizens of Canyon and visitors at the dedication of the Education Building at the West Texas State Teachers College in the fall of 1928

Description: Photograph of a group of people, posed standing, kneeling and seated outside of Randall Hall. Numbers have been added to the image next to several individuals, who are identified on the verso: 1. T.B. McCarter 2. Mrs. Geraldine Green 3. Miss Linnie Babston 4 Miss Mary Morgan Brown 5 Mrs. Tommie Montfort 6 Miss Mary E. Hudspeth 7 Miss Tennessee Malone 8 R.A. Terrill 9 C. W. Warwick 10. Mrs. C. W. Warwick 11. L.A. Allen 12 D.A. Shirley 13. Wallace R. Clark 14. L.F. Sheffy 15. Dr. S.L. Ingham 16. Travis Shaw 17. Mrs. Travis Shaw 18. Miss Mattie Swayne 19. Dr. R.P. Jarrett 20 President J.A. Hill 21. Miss Edna Graham 22. Miss Jennie C.Ritchie 24. Mrs. T.V. Reeves 25. T.M.Clark 26. Mrs. J.A. Hill 27. Mrs. Wallingford
Date: October 20, 1928
Partner: Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum