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Sioux Squaw and Papoose

Description: Color postcard of a Sioux woman (squaw) and her baby (papoose) in Native American costume. "Sept 28th, [ ] here all right & will write you today. sure do miss you all baby is well Alice." It is addressed to Mr. R. Bassano and "Rose", Paris, Tex, 527 S. Mill St. It is postmarked Oklahoma, Okla. on Sept 28, 1908
Date: 1905
Partner: Private Collection of Joe E. Haynes

[Pictures of Presidio indians in a museum]

Description: Photograph of images hanging on a wall in a Presidio museum. There is a painting of an Apache Indian on the left and a photograph of an older Indian seated among desert cacti and brush on the right. Text is printed below the images, but is not readable. The image accompanied a written speech, with the caption: "After the death of the Apache chief, Victorio, the Big Bend was relatively safe. Fort Davis was decommissioned in 1891, after outliving its usefulness" (p. 5).
Date: 1969
Partner: Marfa Public Library

McKamy Springs, Richardson, Texas

Description: Natural spring, with a stone and concrete structure built around and over it. A half-dome stone-trimmed 'grotto' covers the spring. A man-made canal channels the visible water. A plaque is set into a stone/cement low monument inside the canal. It reads: "The Yoiuane tribe of the Caddo group of Indians lived here as early as 1690 to 1840. They hunted buffalo and deer on the prairie. They used McKamy Spring as a watering place. It was from these friendly Tejas Indians that Texas got her name." The spring is located within a 2 acre park, called McKamy Spring Park, in south-east Richardson. Native people last known to have camped at the spring were of a Caddoan-speaking tribe. The Bowser family once owned the property, and then T. F. McKamy (1925-1927). Part of the old stagecoach route extending from Breckenridge ran near this site as well.
Date: 1920/1930
Partner: Richardson Public Library