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[Shawnee Tribe 3]

Description: Photograph of the Shawnee Native American tribe in Richmond, Texas. 11 young men sit in the front row wearing dark colored sashes over Western attire, the second row is of mixed company in traditional and Western attire.
Date: May 29, 1905
Creator: Gordon, W. H.
Partner: Fort Bend County Libraries

[View of Acoma Pueblo]

Description: Photograph of the Acoma Pueblo. A paved road is in the foreground of the photo and the pueblo is located in the distance. Large rock formations sit in between the road and the pueblo.
Date: 1994
Creator: Streng, Evelyn Fiedler
Partner: Texas Lutheran University

[Portrait of Comanche Jack Permunsu, Indian Warrior]

Description: Photograph of Indian Warrior: Comanche Jack Permumsu, brother of Yapaituka Comanche band chief Tahpony and nephew of Comanche leader Ten Bears. This photo was taken in the 1890's during the time Jack Permumsu served as a member of the Indian Police for the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache reservation in Indian Territory (in what would later become Oklahoma).
Date: 1890~
Partner: Clay County Historical Society


Description: Biographical paper by Dolores Navarette about Chaney, a well-loved African American man who lived in Marfa from 1932-1972. This paper was written for an American History class at Marfa High School in February 1978.
Date: February 1978
Creator: Navarette, Dolores
Partner: Marfa Public Library

[Comanche Family Portrait]

Description: Photograph of a Comanche family. There is a man sitting in a chair in the center of the photo, there are two other people standing behind him, and a child leaning on his lap.
Date: 1890~
Creator: Irwin, William E.
Partner: Clay County Historical Society