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[Christmas Wishes from Mildred Reddy, December 2, 1942]

Description: Christmas greeting card from Mildred Reddy to Jack Vaughan, on December 2, 1942. The front shows a drawing of an American flag enclosed in a star, with a red, white, and blue musical staff in the background. She wishes him a merry Christmas, and hopes that he and the army will make it back safely.
Date: December 2, 1942
Creator: Garvin, Mildred Reddy
Partner: Arlington Public Library

[Letter from Jack Vaughan to the Klamath Falls Chamber of Commerce President, December 10, 1953]

Description: Letter from Jack Vaughan to the President of the Klamath Falls Chamber of Commerce, published in the Herald and News on December 10, 1953. Vaughan expresses his appreciation for the kindness of the people of Klamath Falls who made his stay there enjoyable, and apologizes on behalf of his fellow Marines who may not have conducted themselves as well as they should.
Date: December 10, 1953
Creator: Vaughan, Jack Carter
Partner: Arlington Public Library

[Letter from R. Frank Tucker to Jack Vaughan, December 7, 1953]

Description: Letter from R. Frank Tucker to Jack Vaughan, on December 7, 1953, thanking him for his letter, and providing information on the barracks Vaughan stayed in. A handwritten note at the bottom of the page adds: "The barracks were later torn down and on our visit there in 1994 they were starting a housing addition."
Date: December 7, 1953
Creator: Tucker, R. Frank
Location Info:
Partner: Arlington Public Library

[West Arlington Police Service Center groundbreaking ceremony, 2003]

Description: Photograph of the groundbreaking ceremony for the West Station at 2060 W. Green Oaks Boulevard taken in an open field. Six people (two women flanked by two men on each side) are holding shovels in various stages of digging. ? (man in suit), Police Chief Theron Bowman (in uniform), Council Member Sheri Capehart, (?council member), Mayor Robert Cluck, and Mayor Elzie Odom are pictured. A section of a poster on an easel can be seen on the right behind Elzie Odom and behind the easel is a pile of dug up ground. A housing subdivision is in the left background and a large metal electical tower is in the center to left background. West Arlington Police Service Center is also referred to as the West Station.
Date: December 2003
Partner: Arlington Public Library

[Arlington Canine Officer John Shaw with Rogue]

Description: Photograph of Arlington's first Canine Police Officer John Shaw with Rogue, a German Shepard police dog. Officer Shaw is kneeling on the ground with Rogue standing on his hind legs in front of him. Rogue has his front legs on Officer Shaw's arm. The picture is taken from a newspaper article of the Arlington Extra edition of the Fort Worth Star Telegram. In this photograph the caption below the picture says "Man's best friend."
Date: 1981-12-02/1981-12-03
Partner: Arlington Public Library