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4-H Girls in Danish Costumes

Description: Copy negative of a group of 4-H girls dressed in Danish costumes, dancing around a Christmas tree in the Danevang Community Hall, located in Wharton County. Eight young girls are wearing dresses and hats, and they are holding hands with each other.
Date: December 1958
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Andrew & Dagny Jensen Marriage License

Description: Marriage license provided to Anders Jessen Jensen and Dagny Andersen from the Wharton County courthouse. There is a black and white illustration at the very top of the document of a bell composed entirely of small flowers, with a leafy vine emerging from the back of the bell and encircling it in an arc. This bell is inside a circular motif with decorative geometric elements around the edge, and is flanked on both sides by bold, Old English text that declares the document as a Marriage License. Hand-written text has been placed in several areas: where it calls for the names of the couple, dates, signatures, etc. The actual ceremony was ordained by Pastor J. A. M. Rodholm. When closed, the information provided in the opened document is condensed into the upper half of the document's back.
Date: December 29, 1922
Creator: Kral, F. L.
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Camp Hulen Main Chapel

Description: Copy negative of the Danevang Lutheran Church in Danevang, Texas. There is a road visible in the foreground, as well a tall flagpole with an American flag positioned in front of the chapel.
Date: December 14, 1947
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Remodeled Altar Inside of Danevang Lutheran Church]

Description: Black and white photograph of the remodeled chapel of Danevang Lutheran Church. The altar is located in a pentagonal alcove featuring a cross in the center. The altar table is directly below the cross, covered in lacy linen with two candlesticks and a candelabra atop its surface. Separated by two banisters, the altar area has a piano on the left and a podium on the right. A white font and a few rows of pews are visible in the foreground.
Date: December 1969
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Wedding Portrait of Harold Hansen and Ella Olsen Hansen]

Description: Black and white photograph of a newlywed couple posed for a portrait together. The groom, Harold A. Hansen is seated to the left and the bride, Ella Olsen Hansen, is seated to the right, although she is slightly more elevated than Harold. Harold is wearing a dark suit jacket; underneath, he is wearing a round-collared shirt and a white tie with a tiny pin attached to it. Ella is wearing a white blouse that may be part of a dress; the collar on it is made of lace and has a pin at its center. Their bodies from the torso down are not visible due to a deep vignetting at the bottom of the photograph.
Date: December 11, 1922
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Portrait of Anna Nygaard]

Description: Photograph of a woman identified as Anna Nygaard, dressed in a nursing uniform. She is standing outside of a building, in front of a series of windows. There is handwritten text on the back of the photograph, part of which is uncertain; additionally it states, "Dec. 1934, Anna Nygaard."
Date: December 1934
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Group of People Seated in a Room]

Description: Photograph of a group of men and women seated in a large room looking up at the camera. On the right wall, there are four windows, a shelving system where hats have been placed, and a domed arbor with hanging vegetation. On the left wall, there is an entryway that has been uncovered by a pulled curtain. From right to left, excluding the cropped women on the right-most side, the individuals nearest the wall have been identified as Mona Harton Bendixon, Rudy Bendixon, Wilhelm Harton's wife and Wilhelm Harton himself next to her (possibly - both identities have not been confirmed), Peter Harton, Stephanie (no last name provided), Dagmar Harton Crosswait, Burton Crosswait, Stephanie Harton Swendsen, Julius Swendsen, and Jens Harton. On the opposite side of the table, starting right to left, these individuals have been identified as Laurits Harton, Abelona Harton, Louis Bonugli, Johanna Bonugli, Carl Harton, and Louise Harton. No other names have been provided. On the back of the photograph, there is a hand-written letter from Peter Harton, but its content or addressee cannot be read with certainty.
Date: December 15, 1956
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Carl Thyssen Family

Description: Photograph of members of the Thyssen family in front of a large bush during a Christmas celebration. A two-story structure can be seen behind them with horizontal siding, three windows, and an elevated foundation. A second bush is off to the right. They are dressed in formal attire. A kneeling man in the front row is also wearing a military uniform while holding the hand of a woman in a dark dress. Names have been supplied by accompanying information, but they have not been matched to any single individual. On the back of the photograph, hand-written text seems to say, "Mother and party w/ her family Christmas 1943."
Date: December 1943
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[The Hansen Family with the Allenson Boys]

Description: Black and white photograph of a family standing together outdoors for a holiday portrait. They are all wearing formal attire. According to handwritten notes on the back of the photograph, the woman wearing the white dress and the man wearing the three piece suit that are standing on the right are Niels M. Hansen and Emma Nielsen Hansen, the patriarch and matriarch of the pictured family. Their son George, visible between them from the chest up, is standing behind them. Their youngest son Alfred and his wife Ima are standing on the left. Two young boys, identified as Leo and Clifford, are standing in the front on the left; they are part of the Allenson family.
Date: December 25, 1935
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Postcard from John Nielsen to Christine Olson]

Description: Black and white postcard that has on its front side a portrait of a man identified as John Nielsen. He is wearing a heavy jacket with a sweater, a shirt, and a tie underneath. His right forearm is poised in front of his torso. On the back side is a note written in pen by John to his friend Christine. Because of some discontinued text, it appears that the postcard has been cut down to size. The text that has been left intact reads, "Los Angeles Cal, December 27, 1913. Dear Friend- I will send you a copy of myself in my street car suit. I was going to have it taken with my hat on but I changed my mind. Your friend, John."
Date: December 27, 1913
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Brian Wind on Horseback

Description: Photograph of a man, identified as Brian Wind, on horseback in an empty plot of land. He wears a jacket, cowboy hat, and loose fitting pants. He holds the reins of his light-colored horse with his left hand and looks directly at the camera. Behind him, there appears to be a wire fence. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads, "Christmas 1935. Some cowboy!"
Date: December 1935
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society