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[Fresno School students]

Description: Photograph of a group of students from Fresno School. They are pictured outdoors near the wall of a building, and are lined up in about seven rows. An accompanying note identifies most of the students' names and which rows they are in. Back row: Ora Lee Forbis (teacher), unidentified, Woodrow Byrd, Tom Harwell, J. Y. Pollard, Loyd Graham, Glenn Crawley, Ray Uselton, Ocie Scott, Lester Harwell, Ray Wood, Ernest Nunnelly, Ben W. Beaird (teacher), Jack Colson. Second row from back: first two unidentified, Clay King, R. B. Uselton, Bernice Hicks, Dorothy D. Roberts, Myrtle Beaird, Lottie Scott, Nell Burton, Marie Hicks, Ozell Byrd, Velma Colson. Row three: J. B. Killian, Neal Braboy, Tom Wood, Aubry Duke, Otha Weaver, Olan Roberts, next three unidentified. Row four: Ray Williams, next two unidentified, Johnny Graham, Vera Scott, Beatrice Black, Edmund Crane, Viola Sullivan, Oleta Coker, Woody Wood, Clarence Black, W. C. Williams, Clifton Sullivan, Grover Graham, George Graham, J. J. Coker. Row five: Raymond Hicks, J. C. Hicks, Olen or J. D. Roverts, Jack Wood, Carline POllard, Austin Emmert, Basil Clubb, unidentified, Clarence Nunnelly, next three unidentified, J. C. Emmert. Bottom row: unidentified, Dorothy Black, Clovis Scott, Roger Clubb, unidentified, Billie Uselton, Pauline Emmert, James Craine, Douglas Coker.
Date: 1927/1928
Partner: Collingsworth County Museum