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[Letter from Julie Anne Abel to Sandy Shepard, January 4, 1993]

Description: A letter from Julie Abel, assistant and program association for Vicki Rosenberg, Getty Center for Education in the Arts, to Sandy Shepard, Curator of Education at the Tyler Museum of Art. The letter is in regards to Cicciarelli's request for information on the Getty Center for Education in the Arts' Regional Institute Grant Program. The letter details what the Getty Center and their institutes are about, developing and implementing discipline-based art education in the public school curriculum, and activities that promote comprehensives, approaches to visual arts. cc'd on the letter, Jack Davis, William McCarter and Vicki Rosenberg.
Date: January 4, 1993
Creator: Abel, Julie
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Telegram from Anita Ahrens, April 4, 1954]

Description: Telegram sent to Truett Latimer from Anita Ahrens regarding the Classroom Teachers Association preferring the Compromise Bill over the Murphy Bill.
Date: April 4, 1954
Creator: Ahrens, Anita
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[RE: Getty Foundation: Project Team Meeting]

Description: A memorandum from Lynda Alford to Dr. Holifield, in regards to the Getty Foundation funding a Project Team Meeting for various DBAE summer institutes located across the United States. Dr. Jack Davis, UNT co-director of North Texas Institute for Educators on the Visual Arts has invited Alford to be the school district representative of the region and needs approval from Holifield to be away for the three days when the meeting commences in February 1 - 5th, 1990.
Date: December 4, 1989
Creator: Alford, Lynda
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Bill Allcorn to Derry Fulks, June 4, 1959]

Description: Letter from Bill Allcorn to Derry Fulks asking if there are any part-time jobs available in Fulks' office for an applicant forwarded from Truett Latimer.
Date: June 4, 1959
Creator: Allcorn, Bill & Mullins, A. T.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Letter from Rupert C. Allen to Sayles & Sayles, March 4, 1940]

Description: Letter from Rupert C. Allen to Sayles & Sayles discussing the lease T-214-D for A. C. Froese. Allen delivers a supplemental abstract covering the lease. Allen also remits tax certificates for the year 1938 and all prior years fully paid.
Date: March 4, 1940
Creator: Allen, Rupert C.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Letter from George Andre to H. Kempner Firm, August 4, 1954]

Description: Letter from George Andre to the H. Kempner Firm discussing bills for Isaac Herbert Kempner's Chrysler be redirected to Sugarland Industries to maintain records of expenses.
Date: August 4, 1954
Creator: Andre, George L.
Partner: Rosenberg Library
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