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[Photograph of Class in Walhalla]

Description: Photograph of children posed for a class picture in front of the small school house. One of the girls in the front row holds a chalkboard. A handwritten note on the back of the photo indicates the locations for Walter and Alwin Schuhmann.
Date: [1897..1898]
Partner: Abilene Library Consortium

[Photograph of Picnic]

Description: Photograph of a man and several women and children enjoying a picnic lunch held on a blanket beneath a large tree. They are identified as L-R: Willard Schuhmann, Walter Schuhmann, Elsie Voelkel Schuhmann, unknown person in bowtie, baby Earle Schuhmann, Idie Voelkel, and the rest unknown. Taken in 1910.
Date: 1910
Partner: Abilene Library Consortium

[Photograph of Send-Off to Kidd-Key]

Description: Photograph of two women on the porch of a house, showing one of the women bending down for the handle of a suitcase. Note in the bottom margin reads, “Ready for Kidd-Key,” most probably a reference to Kidd-Key College at Sherman, Texas.
Date: unknown
Partner: Abilene Library Consortium

[Photograph of Horse-Drawn Cabin]

Description: Photograph of a small log cabin constructed on a wagon base and pulled by a team of horses near Shelby, Texas. Several individuals and a dog sit on the cabin’s front porch. The identity of three are known. Oscar Fisseler is standing next to the wagon on the right side of the photo (the first adult man on the left, wearing the light colored hat). Oscar's wife Emma Albert Fisseler is seated on the wagon (far right, wearing the light colored dress). And their daughter Caroline “Lena” Fisseler is standing on the wagon next to the man and dog. On the reverse of the photo is written, "Scene at Shelby May Fest 1889 or 1890."
Date: [1889..1890]
Partner: Abilene Library Consortium

[Photograph of Rowena Public School Students]

Description: Photograph of students from Rowena Public School in Rowena, Texas. The young men and women are posed in three in front of the school building. According to the note on the back of the photo, Willard Schuhmann and Edgar Schlake sit third and second from the right in the first row.
Date: unknown
Partner: Abilene Library Consortium

[Postcard of Men on Bicycles]

Description: Postcard of several men sitting on bicycles in front of the Fred Machotka general store. The sign on the building describes the store as a “Dealer in saddles, harness, bicycles, etc.” Other buildings in Rowena, Texas, including a church, can be seen in the background.
Date: [1910..]
Partner: Abilene Library Consortium
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