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[Portrait of Margurete Doppslemayer]

Description: Full-length portrait of Margurete Doppslemayer, wearing a light-colored dress with a flower detail on the chest. Margurete Doppslemayer stands with her hands and back supported against a lattice-like wooden fence. A handwritten note on the back reads, "Margurete Doppslemayer, May 25 / 1891."
Date: May 25, 1891
Creator: Holmes, H. C. & Shaw, Robert
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis

[Photograph of John and Lillian Langdon]

Description: Full-length portrait of John and Lillian Langdon. Lillian Langdon, sitting, wears a light-colored checkered dress with a matching jacket and a pearl necklace. John Landon, standing to the right of his sister, wears a dark jacket and knee-length shorts with dark tights and button-up boots. A hand written note on the back reads, "John Langdon & sister Lillian (Lillie). He was born 1887, about 4 yrs. old here, I suppose."
Date: 1891
Creator: Whittaker & Kennedy
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis