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[Men on a German Bomb Crate]

Description: Photographs of men in an army camp, posing with a German bomb crate and drilling holes in it with an awl. The people are identified as "McCoy & Me" (right and left) and "McCoy & Lorton" (center). Handwritten text says: "At St. Quintin, north eastern France - near Belgium. Making a 'four-holer' - outdoor toilet - made from German bomb crate. We were here only a few days."
Date: [1943..1945]
Creator: Partain, Douglas Wise
Partner: Angelina County History Center

[Veteran Photos in France, Belgium and Germany]

Description: Photograph of several veterans in Belgium, France and Germany around 1943. The top left photo shows Summfrour and a paratrooper up on St. Pauls Cathedral. The towers of St. Paul Cathedral are shown on the top right and the bottom right is a photo of London from St. Pauls. On the second page,the top left photo is of Giavando Didriksen in front of an old church, the top right photo shows a plane crash near camp, and the bottom right is of a plane headed to London
Date: 1943/1945
Partner: Angelina County History Center

[Family Photo]

Description: Photograph of several family members posing in a living room area. They are identified as Janice Ann Jumper from the far left, Jack Jumper, Willie Royle, Bill Royle and Annie Jewel Royle.
Date: 1955
Partner: Angelina County History Center
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