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[Leila McClellan and Three Other Girls]

Description: Photograph of four young women taken from the shoulder up. The reverse side of the image provides some names, though a piece of paper is glued over some of the writing. The woman in the lower center is identified as Leila McClellan.
Date: August 1894
Creator: Guy & Cooke
Partner: Coleman Public Library

[Will McClellan]

Description: Photograph of Will McClellan wearing a military dress uniform and peaked cap. Handwriting on the back of the frame reads, "Leila from Will (Big Sis)."
Date: unknown
Creator: Carter
Partner: Coleman Public Library

[Cabinet Card Photograph of a Young Woman]

Description: Photograph of a young woman wearing a dark dress with a fur stole. The reverse side of the mat has handwritten notes that read, "Matt Rhodes 'Age 17 years + 12 Months' - This is a Photo to 'aim at' so pull the trigger + the gun will do the rest. Sure."
Date: unknown
Creator: Hickson, C. L.
Partner: Coleman Public Library

[Five Young Women in a Portrait Studio]

Description: Photograph of five women wearing white dresses and floral hats as they pose in a portrait studio.Two stand in the back, two sit in the middle, and one woman sits down in front. The women are identified on the reverse side as Alla Hubard, Eva Belle Flint, Mildred McClellan, Stella Proctor, and Mellie Flint.
Date: 190u
Partner: Coleman Public Library

[Children Sitting on Front Steps of a Building]

Description: Photograph of several children sitting on the front steps of a building. Handwriting on the reverse side of the photo reads, "Mac's third birthday party." The children are identified from the top left as Robert Sedwich, Frank Allen, Ima Baker, Christine Shields, Camille Stobaugh, Velma McCord, Bernice Gaines, Mac Woodward, James Dibrell, Nancy Jim Golson, Hellene Strong, Burke, Leoni Shield, and Hugh Lee Gober, Jr. Elizabeth Henson can be seen standing behind support beam to the right. An elderly woman, Louisa McClellan, sits behind Elizabeth Henson.
Date: 1920
Partner: Coleman Public Library