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Birdseye Perspective from Northwest, Restoration Legation de France, Austin, Texas, For Daughters of the Republic of Texas

Description: Architectural drawing in pencil of several buildings and the surrounding grounds overlaid on a second, colored drawing. There is a compass in the upper righthand corner and two floorplans outside of the main drawing. In the upper lefthand corner, there is a floorplan of the stable and carriage house with the scale listed as 1/8"=1'.0" (Scale= 1:96) and in the lower righthand corner is a floorplan of the loft at the same scale. Along the right side of the page, the "Legend" lists five numbered issues that the drawing represents: (1) Rebuild stable and carriage house, (2) Remove brick terrace, (3) Replace outswing'g. casements, (4) Remove brick chimney caps, and (5) Complete stone walls. Near the lower right portion of the drawing, there is a raised stamp that says "Registered Architect, State of Texas." Courtesy of Mr. Ray R. Stripling.
Date: February 18, 1974
Creator: Raiford Stripling Associates, Inc.
Partner: French Legation Museum
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