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Primary view of [Transcript of an invoice between Henry Jones and Moses Austin, August 20, 1818]
unknown creator
August 20, 1818
Primary view of [Transcript of Memorandum from Stephen F. Austin, March 25, 1815]
unknown creator
March 25, 1815
Primary view of [Transcript of memorandum of supplies sent to Red River, April 11, 1819]
unknown creator
April 11, 1819
Primary view of [Transcript of notice dissolving partnership between James Bryan and Stephen F. Austin, November 3, 1818]
unknown creator
November 3, 1818
Primary view of [Transcript of payment statement from Moses Austin to Suvlan De Gervais, December 27, 1810]
unknown creator
December 27, 1810
Primary view of [Transcript of permit for Moses Austin to sell merchandise in Missouri, March 25, 1819]
unknown creator
March 25, 1819
Primary view of [Transcript of promissory note for  James Bryan and Moses Austin, November 19, 1817]
unknown creator
November 19, 1817
Primary view of [Transcript of receipt for deeds and debts transferred to Elias Bates, May 20, 1820]
unknown creator
May 20, 1820
Primary view of [Transcript of receipt of lands received from Moses Austin, May 8, 1820]
unknown creator
May 8, 1820
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