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Primary view of [Deed of Property]
unknown creator
May 29, 1899
Primary view of [Deed of Trust transferring livestock to M. Kennard]
unknown creator
May 25, 1869
Primary view of [Legal Statement by Shubael Marsh]
unknown creator
May 18, 1837
Primary view of Documents pertaining to the case of Howeth vs. Mills, et al., cause no. 132, 1855-1856
Gray, W. M.
Primary view of [Floyd Hamilton Case Report, 05/23/1938 - Dallas, Texas Police Department]
Dallas (Tex.). Police Department.
May 23, 1938
Primary view of Documents related to the case of The State of Texas vs. Elbert Sullivan, principal, J. B. Hines, J. M. Hardin, sureties, cause no. 741a, 1874
Thompson, Jeff. E.; Bishop, J. B. & Richardson, M. E.
Primary view of [Bill of Sale for A. D. Kennard, May 12,1857]
Smith, David M.
May 12, 1857
Primary view of [Redemption Deed, May 2, 1882]
Bellows, W. R.
May 2, 1882
Primary view of [Land Grant, May 17, 1883]
Texas. General Land Office.
May 17, 1883
Primary view of [Passport for Louis Huth, May 17, 1866, copy 2]
Seward, William H.
May 17, 1866
Primary view of [Passport for Louis Huth, May 17, 1866, negative copy]
Seward, William H.
May 17, 1866
Primary view of [Document regarding the passage of Act No. 21, May 20, 1850]
Hoffman, John
May 20, 1850
Primary view of [Passport for Louis Huth, May 17, 1866]
Seward, William H.
May 17, 1866
Primary view of [Pre-printed document acknowledging receipt of a claim for Bounty Land filed by Ferdinand Louis Huth, May 25, 1855]
Waldo, L. P.
May 25, 1855
Primary view of [Intelligence Report - Post Office Box 19106, May 17, 1967]
Biggio, W. S.
May 17, 1967
Primary view of [Death Certificate for Nellie Cummings]
Texas. Bureau of Vital Statistics.
May 5, 1982
Primary view of [Power of attorney for Charles W. Norman]
unknown creator
May 22, 1978
Primary view of [Articles of Incorporation of the Danish Mutual Insurance Company]
unknown creator
Primary view of Andrew Jensen's Declaration of Intention
unknown creator
May 27, 1910
Primary view of Chattel Mortgage to First National Bank of El Campo by Andrew Jensen
unknown creator
May 10, 1923
Primary view of Senate Resolution - Declaring Danevang to be the Danish Capital of the State of Texas
unknown creator
May 30, 1990
Primary view of [Certificate of Naturalization]
unknown creator
May 4, 1908
Primary view of [Petition for Review of Judgement, American Express vs. LULAC - 1977-05-24]
Herrera, John J.
May 24, 1977
Primary view of [Plaintiff's Original Petition and Judgement, J. R. Autolease, Inc. vs. LULAC, 1976-05-19]
Jordan, Gary K. & Trombino, John J.
May 19, 1976
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