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[Letter to Mrs. White, June 27, 1909]

Description: Letter to Mrs. (Linnet) White. He was glad to hear from her. He talks about the weather and farming. He mentions that he has a hard time using his arms. He talks about a letter from Claude.
Date: June 27, 1909
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Sally Thornhill to Mary Ann Moore and Linnet Moore White, June 27, 1913]

Description: In this letter, Sally details that she has been ill for three weeks, notes that their vegetable garden is late, and that farmer's all around them are busy with their crops. She mentions the family who have visited her as of late and that Tom Jackson has married, but has not come home with his wife because she is ill. She gives an update on Cy and Viola Wallace, Birdie McKinley, and Mary Gillespie and her sons. She moves on to news on their Texas kin and notes that there was a homecoming in Chattanooga, TN for all that could attend. She details the news from all the kin who have visited, notes that John Thornhill stayed with them for 15 days, and they visited all their kin in the area. John said that everyone fed him so well that he gained about 10 lbs during his visit. Thornhill states that the had pictures made during John's visit and will send one to Linnet and Mary Ann as soon as she gets more prints. She closes the letter by noting that it may be time for her and Mary Ann to ready themselves for another world. She details that though she isn't religious, she was taught to be honest and to do and be good in this life in order to be forgiven of all sins at death. The envelope is included with the letter.
Date: June 27, 1913
Creator: Thornhill, Sally
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter to H. Fehr, June 27, 1928]

Description: Letter to H. Fehr providing prices for a garage, chapel door, shower, bath, and floors.
Date: June 27, 1928
Partner: Concordia University Texas

[Letter from John Sayles to J. E. Pearson, 1932-06-27]

Description: Letter from John Sayles to J. E. Pearson discussing the amount of work this project requires and the time that Sayles would be away from his own law practice in Abilene. Sayles states that work is tentative and the discussion is not a binding contract. He asks about length of time in St. Paul, salary and royalties paid.
Date: June 27, 1932
Creator: Sayles, John
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Letter from M. B. Wilhoit to John Sayles, June 27, 1932]

Description: Letter from M. B. Wilhoit to John Sayles stating that Pearson told Wilhoit he was looking for a Texas lawyer to write a volume on Texas Practice. Wilhoit doubts that the travel to St. Paul would be financially attractive to Sayles.
Date: June 27, 1932
Creator: Wilhoit, M. B.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Letter, June 27, 1935]

Description: Letter from "kids" to "Hubby, Uncle John, and All" on June 27, 1935, discussing a visit with Maurine and Ted McElroy, and a dinner.
Date: June 27, 1935
Partner: Private Collection of the Sutherlin Family

[Letter from Elizabeth Webb to Katherine]

Description: A three-page letter to Katherine from Elizabeth Webb in which she shares information and stories about her father, James W. Hunt.
Date: June 27, 1936
Creator: Webb, Mary Elizabeth
Partner: McMurry University Library

[Letter from Navy Department to Suzette Van Daell, June 26, 1944]

Description: Letter from Ensign Gertrude Carroll Moore of the Navy Department, Office of Naval Officer Procurement to Suzette Van Daell discussing the possibility of Miss Van Daell joining the United States Naval (Women's) Reserve, also known as WAVES or Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service. The letter is followed by a list of questions Miss Van Daell might have about the WAVES program, which she can fill out and send back to the Navy Officer Procurement Office. It also contains two envelopes, one addressed from the Navy Department to Sue Van Daell, the other from the Navy Department to the Women's Reserve Department
Date: June 27, 1944
Creator: Moore, Gertrude Carroll
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Letter from Pedro de Lemos]

Description: A letter from Pedro de Lemos to Carl B. Compton regarding his idea of exhibiting the results of teaching practices.
Date: June 27, 1944
Creator: de Lemos, Pedro
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Beal S. Powell to Lena Lawson, June 27, 1945]

Description: Letter from Beal S. Powell to Lena Lawson, discussing how he worries about his dad who is in the hospital. Powell is looking forward to going home in six months and he looks forward to drinking with his friend James.
Date: June 27, 1945
Creator: Powell, Beal S.
Partner: Arlington Historical Society’s Fielder House Museum

[Letter from I. H. Kempner to I. H. Kempner, Jr., June 27, 1949]

Description: Letter from I. H. Kempner to I. H. Kempner, Jr., discussing obtaining information from the Second National Bank and City National Bank in Houston, and plans for the fourth of July.
Date: June 27, 1949
Creator: Kempner, Isaac H. (Isaac Herbert), 1873-1967
Partner: Rosenberg Library