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Primary view of [Letter from Maria B. Smith to her sister, Rosanna Grimes]
unknown creator
October 25, 1850
Primary view of [Letter to John from his Uncle V. Metcalfe, September 30, 1858]
Metcalfe, V.
September 30, 1858
Primary view of [Letter from James [Metcalfe?] to his mother, April 20, 1854]
Metcalfe, James
April 20, 1854
Primary view of [Letter to John from his Uncle V. Metcalfe, December 17, 1850]
Metcalfe, V.
December 17, 1850
Primary view of [Letter to Sam Houston from P. Clayton, January 26, 1853]
Clayton, P.
January 26, 1853
Primary view of [Letter to Jesse Grimes, October 31, 1857]
unknown creator
October 31, 1857
Primary view of [Letter from Thomas M. Likens to Jesse Grimes, February 28, 1857]
unknown creator
February 28, 1857
Primary view of [Recommendation Alexander Simon's membership in the Royal Arch Masons]
unknown creator
May 27, 1856
Primary view of [Letter from C. B. Stewart, signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, to Jesse Grimes, August 22, 1850]
unknown creator
August 22, 1850
Primary view of [Letter from Jonathan T. Eubank to Jesse Grimes, December 2, 1858]
unknown creator
December 2, 1858