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[Correspondence from James E Thompson Regarding Attacks on His Reputation]

Description: Letter written to the Honorary President of the Board of Regents of the University of Texas, from James E. Thompson in Galveston, Texas. In the letter, Thompson requests for the Board to take action against a libelous letter written about him by Dr. A.W. Fly. Also included are copies of the letter written by Dr. A.W. Fly as well as a letter written by James E. Thompson to Dr. W.J. Battle about the same topic.
Date: {1916-03,1916-06-03}
Creator: Thompson, James E.
Partner: Moody Medical Library, UT

[Letter from T. E. Welch to Sayles, Sayles, & Sayles, July 7, 1916 and August 4, 1916]

Description: Letter from T. E. Welch to Sayles, Sayles, & Sayles discussing a tax reduction of $130.00, leaving a total of $127.22 that includes Welch's fee. He advises Sayles to file quickly as the county attorney is preparing to file suit. In the second letter Welch delivers a tax receipt and informs Sayles that the land is valued at $4.00 per acre.
Date: {1916-07-07,1916-08-04}
Creator: Welch, T. E.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Letter from J. A. Rountree to Honorable W. J. Bryan, December 19, 1919]

Description: Letter from J. A. Rountree to Honorable W. J. Bryan informing him that he was elected as a Life Member of the United States Good Roads Association. Mr. Rountree provides Mr. Bryan with a brief explanation of the benefits he will receive as a Life Member and urges him to accept the offer.
Date: December 19, 1919
Creator: Routree, J. A.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Letter from W. H. Kirchman to C. C. Cox, November 23, 1919]

Description: Letter from W. H. Kirchman to C. C. Cox discussing a recent letter, land leases, and drilling in Montgomery County, Texas. Envelope is included.
Date: November 23, 1919
Creator: Kirchman, W. H.
Partner: Private Collection of the CC Cox Family

[Correspondence to Julia Maria Pease]

Description: A letter to Julia Maria Pease from a former employee who had emigrated from Japan—he wants to go back and get married, and he asks Pease to verify that he had legally come into the US from Japan, so that he can return with his wife.
Date: October 25, 1919
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

[Letter from Perry Sayles to First State Bank, October 13, 1919]

Description: Letter from Perry Sayles to First State Bank discussing a title to an oil and gas lease on land in Taylor County. Sayles requests his check of $320.00 be delivered to Mrs. Williams and that his assignment of oil and gas from her be delivered to him.
Date: October 13, 1919
Creator: Sayles, Perry
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Letter from Sayles & Sayles to C. W. Kenner, October 11, 1919]

Description: Letter from Sayles & Sayles to C. W. Kenner approving title to the oil and gas lease for a tract of land in the name of Kate Z. Williams. This lease originally was executed by J. D. Martin and Geo C. Bishop. The terms of the lease are discussed and includes a royalty for a percentage of all oil produced.
Date: October 11, 1919
Creator: Sayles & Sayles
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Letter to Mittie Sorrell, October 9, 1918]

Description: Letter to Mittie Sorrell discussing the details of the letter from Ruth which was received by the writer. The writer also inquires about Ms. Sorrell's well being, activities and asks her to write back soon.
Date: October 9, 1919
Partner: Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead

[Note on Land of L. S. Burton, Splendora, Texas]

Description: A note outlining the location of land belonging to the L. S. Burton estate in Montgomery County, TX. Envelope is included.
Date: September 24, 1919
Partner: Private Collection of the CC Cox Family

[Letter from Charles Waterfield to C. C. Cox, August 29, 1919]

Description: Letter from Charles Waterfield of the New York Herald to C. C. Cox discussing and upcoming order of and advertising for the September 7th issue, which would feature an article titled "Psychology of the Clashing of the Races."
Date: August 29, 1919
Creator: Waterfield, Charles
Partner: Private Collection of the CC Cox Family

[Letter from Jae P. Moore to Henry Clay, Sr., April 24, 1919]

Description: Letter to Henry Clay, Sr. from Jae P. Moore concerning Moore's sending of Henry Clay, Jr.'s combat reports. Moore says that the reports are copies made "from the original that I took for myself."
Date: August 24, 1919
Creator: Moore, Jae P.
Partner: The University of Texas at Dallas
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