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Primary view of [Transcript of letter from James Perry to Stephen F. Austin, March 1, 1830]
unknown creator
March 1, 1830
Primary view of [Transcript of letter to Isaac Tomlinson, August 1, 1810]
unknown creator
August 1, 1810
Primary view of [Transcript of Document Ascribing Power of Attorney to Thomas F. Leaming, February 1, 1828]
Austin, Stephen F. & Austin, James Elijah Brown
February 1, 1828
Primary view of [Transcript of Letter from William H. Wharton to Stephen F. Austin, December 1, 1836]
Wharton, William H.
December 1, 1836
Primary view of [Transcript of Letter from Stephen F. Austin, Branch T. Archer, and William H. Wharton to Stewart Sewell, April 1, 1836]
Austin, Stephen F.; Archer, Branch T. & Wharton, William H.
April 1, 1836
Primary view of [Letter from John J. Herrera to Suplee Envelope Company - 1977-06-01]
Herrera, John J.
June 1, 1977
Primary view of [Letter from Mary to her Sister, June 1, 1886]
unknown creator
June 1, 1886
Primary view of [Letter from George and Elta Osterhout to E. Osterhout, December 1, 1892]
Osterhout, E.
December 1, 1892
Primary view of [Letter from J. Wheelock to John Patterson Osterhout, November 1, 1897]
Wheelock, J.
November 1, 1897
Primary view of [Letter from Libbie to Junia Roberts Osterhout, March 1, 1869]
unknown creator
March 1, 1869
Primary view of [Letter from Junia Roberts Osterhout to Ann Roberts, September 1, 1859]
Osterhout, Junia Roberts
September 1, 1859
Primary view of [Letter from Henri Pepper to Florence G. Reynolds, August 1, 1986]
Pepper, Henri Elizabeth
August 1, 1986
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