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Letter to Cromwell Anson Jones, 2 November 1878

Description: Letter to Mary Jones, wife of the last president of the Republic of Texas.
Date: November 2, 1878
Creator: Jones, Mary Smith McCrory
Partner: University of Houston Libraries' Special Collections

[Decrees of Mexican Government, dated November 2-4, 1822]

Description: Act of installation of the Meeting... according to the imperial decree of 31 of the last Octe. Copy by Antonio de Mier, 6 l.s Signatories: Juan Francisco (Bishop of Durango), Antonio de Mier, and Francisco Velasco. Reference to: Election of Marquess of Castañiza; speech by Iturbide; text of Organic Bases of the National Meeting Instituyente, originally signed by Jose Manuel Herrera and rubric of Iturbide; siege of San Juan de Ulúa; administration of oath of office; text of speech by President; voting for officers; candidates: Castañiza, Juan Bautista de Arispe, José María Bocanegra, Bonifacio Fernández, Toribio González, Miguel Guridi y Alcocer, Pedro Labairu, Miguel Larrainaga, Ramón Martínez de los Ríos, Mariano Mendiola, Isidro Montúfar, Juan José Quiñones, Antonio José Valdez, Antonio Mier y Villagómez, and Lorenzo Zavala; list of members taking oath: José María Abarca, Antonio Aguilar, Mariano Aranda, Pascual de Aranda, Francisco Argandar, José María Becerra, Pedro Celis, José María Cobarrubias, Antonio Elosúa, Carlos Espinoza de los Monteros, Luciano Figueroa, Manuel Flores, Refugio de la Garza, Manuel Ignacio Gutiérrez, José Antonio Gutiérrez de Lara, Martín Inclán, Agustín de Iriarte, Antonio de Iriarte, Manuel López de la Plata, Ambrosio Martínez de Vea, Conde de Miraflores, Antonio Morales de Ibáñez, José Vicente Orrantes, Manuel Ortiz, Francisco Pérez Serrano, Marqués de Rayas. Joaquín Román, Francisco Ruiz, Francisco Uraga, Francisco Velasco, and Tomás Veltranena. Absent: Manuel Álvarez, Pedro Arroyabe, Simón Elías González, José Ignacio Esteva, Luis Mendizábal, Juan Nepomuceno Mier y Altamirano, Salvador Parras, José Francisco Peralta, and Jacinto Rubí, plus candidates. extra candidates. November 2, 1822. November 4, 1822. November 2, 1822. Herrera, Jose Manuel: List of the Delegated Gentlemen designated by S. M. I. so that they compose the Meeting that is to replace the extinguished Congress.... Mexico, Imperial Imprint. 1 l. f. 7-7v. Printed sheet with name of Jacinto Rubí …
Date: November 2, 1822
Creator: Herrera, José Manuel; Francisco, Juan & Iturbide, Agustin de
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Letter from Hamilton K. Redway to Loriette Redway, November 2, 1865]

Description: A letter from Hamilton K. Redway in Washington D.C. to his wife, Loriette Redway, on November 2, 1865. In the letter, Hamilton Redway tells his wife that he has passed the examining board and is awaiting appointment with the army. Redway mentions that people are anxiously awaiting the sitting of Congress. Also included with this item is the envelope in which the letter was sent. The envelope is addressed to Mrs. H. K. Redway in Mannsville, New York.
Date: November 2, 1865
Creator: Redway, Hamilton K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Luara Jernigan to Mary and Charles B. Moore, November 2, 1885]

Description: Letter from Laura Jernigan to Charles and Mary Moore in which she says that she received Charles's letter about his trip. She says that she is unwell with dengue fever. She also talks about the mortality of babies in her area; the health of her family; and how the crops are doing.
Date: November 2, 1885
Creator: Jernigan, Laura
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Dinkie McGee to her Sister and Mr. Moore, November 2, 1879]

Description: She is sorry for not writing sooner, but everyone is doing well. They are having cool weather with two frosts within the last two weeks. Henry hasn't sowed his wheat yet because he was waiting for his corn. They made 15 bushels of irish potatoes and 12 bushes of sweet potatoes. They are going to have turnips as big as plates and will eat it with beef club. Willie and Sissie's teacher Mr. Holder is giving out a prize for the student who has the most head marks. There has been great growth in the campbellites. Simon McGee joined, as did Bettie Elllis and Anne Jones. Mrs. McGee went to stay with Mr. Albeight in Kentucky. They raised a lot of chickens this year. Miss Sucky is weaving her a carpet, it is mixed colored and she won't be able to put it down this winter. She asks about Billy getting married. She also mentions there might be two parties, but she won't dance because of her foot. She ask that they write back soon.
Date: November 2, 1879
Creator: McGee, Dinkie
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Transcript of a Receipt, November 2, 1811]

Description: Copy of transcript for a receipt of money given to George Dall by John Butler on November 2, 1811.
Date: November 2, 1811
Creator: Warner, J.
Partner: The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

[Letter from Meyer Bodansky to George Sealy - November 2, 1939]

Description: Letter from Dr. Meyer Bodansky to Mrs. George Sealy, dated November 2, 1939. In the letter, Dr. Bodansky informs Mrs. Sealy that he has enclosed a copy of a popular article for her to keep.
Date: November 2, 1939
Creator: Bodansky, Meyer, 1896-1941
Partner: Moody Medical Library, UT

[Letter from Benjamin R. Harris to Dr. Meyer Bodansky - November 2, 1940]

Description: Letter from Benjamin R. Harris to Dr. Bodansky discussing his appearance at the hearing before the U. S. Government and the Federal Security Agency concerning the standards for oleomargarine under the new Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act.
Date: November 2, 1940
Creator: Harris, Benjamin R.
Partner: Moody Medical Library, UT

[Letter from Jose O. Garza to John J. Herrera - 1956-11-02]

Description: Letter from Jose O. Garza, District Governor, District Number 13 to John J. Herrera dated November 2, 1956. Garza expresses to Herrera his distaste of combining the name of LULAC with politics. Garza explains to Herrera that some "printed leaflets" that were sent out with "yours and Mr. Felix Tijerinas's point of views" did the opposite of what LULAC represented, which was create a separation from the Anglo community instead of an integration and equality. "This is the frequent and calculated way that you use the word "LATINOS" [...] This classification that you give our people only serves to weaker the bonds we seek to tie with our anglo conpatriots." Garza goes on to say, "Inasmuch as we encourage our members to partake of politics as individuals, we will not partake of any politics as an organization."
Date: November 2, 1956
Creator: Garza, Jose O.
Partner: Houston Metropolitan Research Center at Houston Public Library

[Letter from John Patterson Osterhout to Junia Roberts Osterhout and Family, November 2, 1879]

Description: Letter from John Patterson Osterhout to his wife, Junia Roberts Osterhout, and family with news from Belton, Texas. He claimed to be lonesome because his wife and two youngest daughters were visiting family in Pennsylvania and their eldest son Paul had moved out. He told her about how the remaining children at home were doing and shared other pieces of news from Belton. The letter ended with him prompting her to write more and to send notice before she starts for home. Included is an envelope addressed to "Mrs. J. P. Osterhout."
Date: November 2, 1879
Creator: Osterhout, Junia Roberts
Partner: Austin College

[Letter from William Chappell to J. D. Giddings - November 2, 1872]

Description: Letter from William Chappell to J. D. Giddings. Chappell begins by stating that he has seen a copy of the order that the Soule University Board of Trustees gave to the Building Committee to hypothecate all of the estate real and personal in order to secure a loan to build a "stone edifice." However, the committee failed to include the Rock Building and donated lands in the hypothecation, and this failure is not the fault of the Board of Trustees because it was explicit in its instructions to include all estate real and personal. Discussing a different matter, he explains how William Keesee with a black man purchased D. Ayrs' land, which had been given to him by his father in Alabama in 1837 or 1838. The deed to Mr. Ayrs' land was not made until after Keesee's death. Ayrs knew that the land had been donated, but Chappell does not know whether he deeded it to the university or his heirs.
Date: November 2, 1872
Creator: Chappell, William
Partner: Southwestern University

[Letter from Horace Bishop to J. D. Giddings - November 2, 1877]

Description: Letter from Horace Bishop to Hon. J. D. Giddings. Discusses what should be done with two tracts of land in order to raise money to make improvements to Southwestern University.
Date: November 2, 1877
Creator: Bishop, Horace
Partner: Southwestern University

[Letter from John Todd Willis, Jr. to his Parents, November 2, 1943]

Description: Letter from John Todd Willis, Jr. to his parents Clara and John T. Willis, Sr. on November 2, 1943. Willis is confused as to why his father is receiving more than one check from a month, and asks Willis, Sr. to check into it. He also has a friend who is going to write the government to see if something is going wrong.
Date: November 2, 1943
Creator: Willis, John Todd, Jr.
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis
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