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[Clipping on Ulysses S. Grant, March 10, 1876]

Description: Newspaper clipping on Ulysses S. Grant, written by Marie Le Baron, describing the President's characteristics and how his nature shaped his actions in office.
Date: March 10, 1876
Creator: Le Baron, Marie
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Clipping: Passing of J. T. Munson]

Description: Newspaper clipping of the obituary notice for J. T. Munson. The article discusses his life and work on a park in Denison, Texas.
Date: June 10, 1919
Partner: Grayson College Foundation

[Clipping: A Veteran's Views]

Description: Newspaper clipping with an article titled "A Veteran's Views" underlined in red. The article gives the opinion of veterans on the actions of the British during WWII. The name "R. M. Bayliss," associated with another article, is underlined in blue. Other articles are unmarked. The back of the page has advertisements.
Date: May 10, 1940
Creator: Nichols, Fred E.
Partner: Private Collection of Mike Cochran

[Clipping: The Cros's Nest, Letters to the Lookout - May 10 1940]

Description: Newspaper clipping taken from the Letters to the Lookout section of the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. Four (4) letters have been written to the editor of the newspaper covering anti-allied comments made in previous issues of the Corpus Christi Caller. On the back of the newspaper clipping is an advertisement for men's suits, bathing accessories, and bedding.
Date: May 10, 1940
Partner: Private Collection of Mike Cochran

[Clipping: Medical School Relocation]

Description: Clipping from the Houston Post summarizing the proposed plan to relocate the University of Texas Medical Branch to Austin, and recent developments countering that plan.
Date: March 10, 1945
Creator: The Houston Post
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Clipping: Ten Terrific Years]

Description: Newspaper clipping including an article about World War II.
Date: August 10, 1948
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Newspaper Clipping: Tribute Paid to Nine Texas Women At Mineral Wells 'Party of the Year']

Description: Newspaper clipping of an article about the second annual "Party of the Year" honoring ten women: Dr. May Owen, Mrs. John M. Hanna, Mrs. V. Y. Rejebian, Mrs. Rupert Harkrider, Mrs. J. Howard Hodge, Mrs. Edith McKanna, Mrs. J. H. Moore, Mrs. Allan Shivers, and Mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby. The article includes details of the event and information about some of the honorees. The articles include photos of Mrs. Edith McKanna, Mrs. J. H. Moore, and Mrs. V. Y. Rejebian.
Date: February 10, 1951
Creator: Gouldy, Mabel
Partner: Texas Medical Association

[Obituary for Eulalia Bowen Wellborn]

Description: Newspaper article discussing the life of Eulalia Bowen Wellborn for their memorial. The article also shares information about several members of the Wellborn family and the sickness that affected them.
Date: January 10, 1952
Creator: Wellborne, Sydna Farrar
Partner: Angelina County History Center

[Clipping: Hundreds Brave Rain To Witness Hamilton Addition Dedication]

Description: Clipping of an article from the Dallas Star Post regarding the Dallasites who attended the dedication service of Hamilton Park on a rainy day. The president of the Dallas Citizens' Interracial Association, Jerome Crossman, was thankful for the immense amount of people who attended the event. Fred F. Florence, who represented the Hoblitzelle Foundation states that the black and white citizens who have worked together during the Hamilton Park project have created a joyful event due to their servi… more
Date: October 10, 1953
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Jack Vaughan to the Klamath Falls Chamber of Commerce President, December 10, 1953]

Description: Letter from Jack Vaughan to the President of the Klamath Falls Chamber of Commerce, published in the Herald and News on December 10, 1953. Vaughan expresses his appreciation for the kindness of the people of Klamath Falls who made his stay there enjoyable, and apologizes on behalf of his fellow Marines who may not have conducted themselves as well as they should.
Date: December 10, 1953
Creator: Vaughan, Jack Carter
Partner: Arlington Public Library

[Newspaper Clippings with a Photograph of Candy Barr]

Description: Newspaper clippings about Juanita Dale Phillips, also known as Candy Barr. A photograph is included of Candy being escorted by Bailiff W. W. Mabre. The headlines are "Candy Barr Out on Bail: Plea Denied", "Candy", and "Charge Dropped on Candy Barr."
Date: 1956-02-10/1958-03-04
Creator: Dallas News
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives

[Newspaper Clippings with Photograph of Candy Barr]

Description: Newspaper clippings about Juanita Dale Phillips, also known as Candy Barr. The headlines are "Grand Jury Will Study Candy's Shooting Case", "Jury Indicts Candy Barr", "Stripper Charged With Drug Count", and "Delay in Candy Barr Trial Denied by Judge." Included with the last article is a portrait of Candy Barr.
Date: 1956-02-10/1958-02-11
Creator: Dallas Times Herald
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives

[Clipping: Galveston Under Wraps: How's It Doing?]

Description: Photocopy of page from The Austin American including an article discussing the development of Galveston entitled: "Galveston Under Wraps: How's It Doing? The Crowds Are Different But Money's Rolling In." Included with the article are photographs of a beach scene, hotels, and port views.
Date: September 10, 1957
Creator: Williams, Fred
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Newspaper Clipping: Fort Worth Cheers Warm May in April]

Description: Newspaper clipping of an article about Dr. May Owen. The article discusses her background, career, and accomplishments. The article includes several comments from Dr. Owen herself, as well as a photo of Dr. Owen. On the back of the clipping are portions of other articles, including one about Arlington's Third Bank.
Date: April 10, 1960
Creator: Kantor, Seth
Partner: Texas Medical Association

[Newspaper Clipping: SMA Honors 2 City Doctors]

Description: Newspaper clipping of an article discussing two physicians honored by the Southern Medical Association: Dr. May Owen, and Dr. Robert D. Moreton. The article briefly mentions each doctor's main accomplishments, and also includes a photo of Dr. May Owen.
Date: November 10, 1960
Creator: Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Partner: Texas Medical Association

[Certificate for PJG for revolutionary participation]

Description: Certificate for Pedro J. Gonzalez for revolutionary participation. A single column of printed text, with one line of handwritten text near its center, extends across the page and ends above a signature.
Date: April 10, 1964
Creator: Parlee, Lorena, 1945-2006
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Clipping: McCallum Named As President of Cotton Shippers]

Description: Clipping from The Dallas Morning News describing the appointment of Robert D. McCallum as President of Cotton Shippers and Harris L. Kempner as Vice President.
Date: May 10, 1964
Creator: The Dallas Morning News
Partner: Rosenberg Library

[Dallas Times Herald Clipping, March 25, 1967]

Description: Dallas Times Herald clipping titled "Garrison Moves to Get Witnesses." The article includes information pertaining to warrants issued by District Attorney Jim Garrison.
Date: April 10, 1967
Creator: Dallas (Tex.). Police Department.
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives

[Newspaper Clipping: Dr. Owen Science Hall To Be Open on Dec. 3]

Description: Newspaper clipping of an article about the opening of the Dr. Owen Science Hall at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. The article discusses the background of the hall and some of the exhibits. Also included is a photo of Dr. May Owen, Dr. Louis J. Levy, and Helmut Naumer with a replica for an exhibit at the Science Hall. On the back of the clipping is part of an advertisement for pots and pans.
Date: November 10, 1968
Creator: Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Location: None
Partner: Texas Medical Association
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