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[Letter from Travis Winham to C. B. Moore, July 22, 1889]

Description: His health and the health of his wife and Lyke are well. Lyke and him went to go visit Lou Wallace. He also visited with Wallace's mother, Bet Wallace, Jimmy Wallace and one of Bet's sons. He met both of Dr. Bill Love's sons. He did not learn a lot about his relatives while there and so won't try to remember what he did. He was glad to hear that Moore and the rest of his family was doing so well. He then talks about his religious beliefs. He will try to visit with them when they come visit.
Date: July 22, 1889
Creator: Winham, Travis
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Charles B. Moore to Elvira D. Moore, July 7, 1850]

Description: Letter from Charles Moore to Elvira Moore discussing his recent trip to Jerseyville, the Fourth of July celebrations there and the progress that community had made, farming, seeing King Lear at the theatre, building engines, and news of family and friends. There is an envelope addressed to Elvira D. Moore, Unionville P O, Bedford County, Tennessee. It is postmarked Nashville, and July 7, 1850 is written in pencil at the top.
Date: July 7, 1850
Creator: Moore, Charles B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Guy H. May to T. N. Carswell - July 13, 1943]

Description: A letter written to Mr. T. N. Carswell, Vice-Com., American Legion, Abilene, Texas, from Guy H. May, Department Adjutant, American Legion, Nashville 3, Tennessee, dated July 13, 1943. May explains the use of funds that the Department spent on Colonel Waring's candidacy advising that Colonel Waring might have the other information Carswell requested.
Date: July 13, 1943
Creator: May, Guy H.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Letter from T. N. Carswell addressed to Adjutant, American Legion, Department of Tennessee - July 6, 1943]

Description: A letter addressed to Adjutant, American Legion, Department of Tennessee, Nashville, Tennessee, from T. N. Carswell, Vice-Commander, American Legion, Department of Texas, dated July 6, 1943. Carswell advises of the plans to propose a Texan for National Commander and requests information on the approximate amount of money that was expended in electing Judge Waring.
Date: July 6, 1943
Creator: Carswell, T. N. (Thomas Norwood)
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library
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