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Primary view of [Letter from Sally Thornhill to Mary Ann Moore and Linnet Moore White, June 27, 1913]
Thornhill, Sally
June 27, 1913
Primary view of [Letter from Bettie Franklin to Claude D. White, September 27, 1916]
Franklin, Bettie
September 27, 1916
Primary view of [Letter from Bessie Franklin to Claude, Linnet, and Ruth White, December 27, 1916]
Franklin, Bessie
December 27, 1916
Primary view of [Letter from Matilda Dodd and Bettie Franklin to Mary Moore, January 27, 1876]
Dodd, Matilda & Franklin, Bettie
January 27, 1876
Primary view of [Letter from Dinkie McGee to Mary Ann Dodd Moore, May 27, 1876]
McGee, Dinkie
May 27, 1876
Primary view of [Letter from W. J. and Birdie McKinley to Mary Moore and Claude and Linnet White, November 27, 1905]
McKinley, W. J. & McGee, Birdie
November 27, 1905
Primary view of [Letter from F. M. Griffin to Mary Moore, August 27, 1907]
Griffin, F. M. & Griffin, Alice
August 27, 1907
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