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[Letters from Henry S. Moore to Charles B. Moore, September 14-18, 1889]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Henry S. Moore and addressed to Charles, who was in Gallatin at the time. In this letter, Henry updates the Moore family on the goings-on in Collin County and the news includes: weather updates and how the rains have raised the water levels around the county, news about the Choctaw bridge, a dialogue about Gross mowing the yard and the sprouting of the cotton seed, a discussion concerning the Roland P.O. Box, details on a community funeral,news from Melissa, a dialogue concerning the debate that was had between Parson Conly and Moore, news on the cattle, and a discussion about family friends and their visits to Moore's place. Moore begins a second letter on September 15th on page five. In this letter, Henry continues to inform the Moore Family on the happenings in Collin County and the news includes: an update on the Rucker's and the Kendal's going-on, a dialogue about Pidy, news about the rabbit hunt, a weather update, a dialogue about astronomy, a discussion about Neal Moore's fine archery skills, community news concerning land, an update on the property's condition and crop news from around Collin County, a discussion about family friends and their goings-on, an update on Pidy's calf, a dialogue about the shooting match, news about the red heifer's cause of death, an additional weather update, and a discussion about family and their present goings-on. Moore continues his letter to the Moore family in two brief one page letters written on September 17th and September 18th. In these letters, Henry informs Moore of the weather and provides details for the daily goings-on in Collin County. Henry notes agricultural updates and news about cattle. He closes his letter on the tenth page of …
Date: {1889-09-14..1889-09-15,1889-09-17..1889-09-18}
Creator: Moore, Henry S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections
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