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[A windmill with a cable extending to a water tower]

Description: Photograph of a windmill (with a sign attached to it on the left: "THE AERMOTOR CHICAGO") with a cable extending to a tall water tower on the right. A small white building sits directly under the windmill. An image of a bull facing left is standing on top of the water tower. A live bull is on the ground in front of the water tower directly below the cardboard cutout image. A five slat wooden fence runs across the photo behind the windmill and water tower. Shrubs line the opposite side of the fence with farm land in the distance. On lower right corner, extremely faint writing: "38".
Date: unknown
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

[Black silhouette of the left side of a woman]

Description: Black silhouette of the left side of a woman. Her hair is in a bun at the nape of her neck and she is wearing a hat. The silhouette is resting (at one time attached) to a cardboard substrate. At bottom of matte, photographer's mark: "J. B. SLINN, Premiere Artists, CAIRO STREET, WORLD'S FAIR, CHICAGO, ILLS."
Date: unknown
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

[Postcard image of "The Original Deadwood Coach"]

Description: Postcard image of "The Original Deadwood Coach" as written in black near top right of postcard. The color image shows a man holding a whip who is standing near the side door of a coach. There is another man with gun in his gloved hand sitting atop the coach to the right side of the postcard. Blue text on back of postcard reads: "Copyright By "Johnny" Baker, Golden, Colo. The Original Deadwood Coach Built at Concord, N. H. 1867. Sent to San Francisco by water where it was placed on a line infested with bandits, "baptized in fire and blood" so repeatedly on the plains, was finally abandoned. In organizing his Wild West show Col. Cody bought the old derelict, and on its time honored springs has carried more distinguished Americans and Royalty than any vehicle extant. C. T. American Art Colored [emblem] CT Chicago Postcard This Space For Address Only [in rectangle] Place One Cent Stamp Here." Written in pencil on back: "175 69 [line] 244".
Date: unknown
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

[A street lined with Dogwood trees]

Description: Postcard image of Dogwood trees. The trees line a street near the center of the postcard. Tall pine tree also on right. Black text on back reads: "Dogwoods in DeKalb County This beautiful flowering tree grows wild and in profusion all over the County. Many of the County's beautiful homes have them growing naturally on their lots. Those on the streets were transplanted from neighboring woodlawn. Each year thousands are added along the roads and streets creating a fairyland panorama each Sprint, All the dogwoods are of the cornus family of which "Cornus family" is the type most commonly seen. The beautiful flowers are in the shape of a cross with one dark brown spot in the edge of each petal, which according to the legend represents the crucification. Enchanting DogWood Eternal Granite DeKalb County Chamber Of Agriculture and Commerce Decatur, Georgia Jumbo Post Card 3 [cent] Stamp U. S. A. Postage Photo By Edgar Orr, Atlanta, Ga. Jumbo Post Card Co. San Antonio, Texas". Written in black ink: "street near my half brothers home (Hal Lindsay) Mid-Pines - 1187 Ridgewood Dr. N. E. Atlanta Ga. Garden Clubs of this city planted many thousands of Dogwood trees in 1935, all streets are in the Residential parts of the city have Dogwood trees - they are in full bloom in April W. A. Hughes".
Date: unknown
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

[Six tiered metal livestock pin]

Description: Six tiered metal pin. Each link has a different animal image on it and are connected to each other by a small chain. The final link is circular and states: "STEER YOUR STOCK TO CLAY ROBINSON & CO. HOUSES AT SIX LEADING MARKETS". On back, first link states: "OUR RECORD". Second link states: "HIGHEST SALE ON RECORD AT CHICAGO FOR BEEF CATTLE DEC. 6.00 __$15.50". Third link states: "HIGHEST SALE ON RECORD AT SOUTH OMAHA FOR RANGE CATTLE AUG. 11.02__$6.35". Fourth link states: "HIGHEST SALE ON RECORD AT CHICAGO FOR A STRAIGHT DROVE OF RANGE CATTLE SEP. 29,02 $7.25". Fifth link states: "TRY US". On back of circular link: "CLAY, ROBINSON & CO. SUCCESSFUL SELLERS OF STOCK". Old Object Term: Commemorative pin
Date: unknown
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

[Gold colored medal]

Date: unknown
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

The American Legion Drum and Bugle Corp at Their 1933 Convention in Chicago

Description: This much-battered picture has obviously been pinned to a cork-board in order for it to be made into a photograph. Enough of the legend at its bottom survives to proclaim that the picture commemorates the attendance of the Drum and Bugle Corps of Mineral Wells' Farris Anderson Post No. 75, at a national convention of the the American Legion, in Chicago, Illinois, on October 2-5, 1933. The photograph was taken, the legend states, compliments of the Majestic Hotel. Please note: The American Legion provided the following names to accompany the picture: David Burnswick,[sic] Director; Paul Grable, Drum Major; Tommie Burns, Trumpet; James W. Calvert, Trumpet; E.M. Davidson, Trumpet; Lawrence Davis, Trumpet; Sam Goldman, Trumpet; Jack Armstrong, Trumpet; Bob Echols,[sic] Clarinet; (?) Davidson, Clarinet; Lloyd Kendall, Clarinet; Bob Irvine, Clarinet; (?)Brady, Piccolo; Arly (?) Bolfour,[sic] S. Drums, B. Drums; Dan Raeffell,[sic] Bass; W.E. Davis, Bass; Roy Prince, Trombone; Vaughan Davis, Trombone; (?) Trombone; Franz Schubert, Baritone; Alex Pavlovsky, Horn; W. W. Woodward. Horn; George Oliver, Horn; Bill Chancellor, Color Bearer; W.H.H. Smith, Color Bearer; Allan Wallace, Color Guard; George Barber, Color Guard. This band was awarded a state championship three times.
Date: October 1933
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

[World's Columbian Exposition Calendar]

Description: Calendar covering from April 1893 to March 1894, illustrated with views of buildings at the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893, with information on the New York Life Insurance Company. Bound in publisher's illustrated wrappers.
Date: 1892
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[In Soldier's Field, Chicago]

Description: This photo shows a group of eleven cowgirls standing in Soldier's Field, Chicago, with a row of classical columns behind them. From left to right, they are: Fox Hastings, Donna Cowan, Marie Gibson, Florence Hughes, Tad Lucas, Grace Runyan, Ruth Roach, Rose Smith, Bonnie McCarroll (possibly), Vera McGinnis, and Mabel Strickland.
Date: 1927
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

John A. Minnerly

Description: Studio portrait of John Minnerly as a young boy. He is pictured seated with his arm on a fringed armrest. He is wearing a shirt with a standing ruffled collar.
Date: unknown
Creator: Gurrad, J. L.
Partner: Denton Public Library

[Letter from Dr. Edwin D. Moten to Don Moten, April 30, 1946]

Description: Letter from Dr. Edwin D. Moten to his son Don Moten in Chicago, on April 30, 1946. He discusses his son's Hoosier Motor Club membership, and the fact that the Chicago Club doesn't accept Negro patrons. He also mentions Don's desire to go to school, and suggests staying in Chicago.
Date: April 30, 1946
Creator: Moten, Edwin D., Sr.
Partner: Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum

Spoons : World's Columbian Expostion, Chicago, 1893

Description: A group of 6 spoons from the 1893 Chicago "World's Columbian Exposition" world's fair. Silverplated souvenir teaspoons, each with scrolling forms on handle. Bowl of each spoon is engraved with a view of a different building from the exposition: U.S. Government Building; Horticultural Building; Mines and Mining Building; Machinery Hall; Transportation Building; Manufacturers & Liberal Arts [Building].
Date: 1893
Creator: Leonard Manufacturing Company
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Chicago "Pay-Car"]

Description: This photograph portrays an unusual rail consist: Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad's Engine No. 202, a 2-6-2 type heading the "pay-car" in Chicago. In this era the railroad's tracks were being elevated throughout the metropolitan area.
Date: 1915~
Creator: Hastman, Lee
Partner: Museum of the American Railroad
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